UPDATE: Two Men Dead In Separate Homicides – One Suspect In Custody

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On Wednesday, Saint Lucia recorded two homicides resulting from separate incidents in Castries.

Police reported that at 2:15 pm, medical officials at the OKEU Hospital pronounced 25-year-old shooting victim Raheem Leo of Bocage, Castries, dead.

A police press release said about 8:50 am, unknown individuals in a motorcar fired at him as he walked along the road.

Also, on Wednesday, emergency services responded to a report that a male individual sustained severe head injuries when someone struck him with a blunt object.

Screen grab from social media video
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A video on social media shows a man with a gaping head wound lying on the ground with a sizeable block next to his head.

Blood was evident on his upper body.

Police identified the deceased as Kurt Malcolm Edward, 42, of Maynard Hill, Castries and disclosed that they have a suspect in custody.

Emergency responders said they received a call for assistance at Riverside Road, Castries.

But they said a medical doctor pronounced the victim dead on the scene.

The RSLPF says Saint Lucia has so far recorded 74 homicides for the year.

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  1. Twilight zone in the comments section… No wonder we are in this predicament. Such poor level reasoning!… Yikes

  2. The devil is running rampant in St. Lucia because MOST Lucians are involved in voodoo and witchcraft..putting nonsense in front of the bank. Some of the so called churches are also involved in demon activity..The Lord is watching 24/7.

    Most Lucians going to witch doctors and paying $$$$$$$ to do evil to others. Instead of taking care of themselves and their children and crying broke at the same time ..????? Brothers killing brothers. Family not speaking to each other because of political affiliation…smh

    Envy, jealousy, adultery, wickedness and evil is all over St. Lucian 24/7. When you bargain with satan ..your soul is sold to him and that’s the end result of demonic activity.

  3. There are four legs a country need to survive.
    1. A growing or stable Economy
    2. An effective criminal justice system
    3. Comprehensive and forward moving education system
    4.Health care infrastructure for its people

    Our country has all four in trouble.If this trajectory continues in 5 yrs, st Lucia will no longer be a country worth living in.No matter where the crime comes from it’s government’s responsibility to do something about it.

  4. The fact is that our country is big in trouble country. The Prime Minister cannot do nothing to help curb it because the bible tells us that the wicked will do wickedly but the righteous will shine. We are living in the end of times. I think more prayers are needed for God to protect us in this country. Too much wickedness, corruption and abomination.

  5. Samantha Man don’t forget his lousy speeches that have the rest of the world looking at us as the people with the second to last lowest IQ in the world. Ask to address climate change he talks about the SLP resounding victory, ask to speak on Covid he says the science is telling us what the science has always told us, then on CIP he gives a history lesson on St Lucia. So what are you expecting him to say about the crime situation. I know that a number of factors contribute to violent crime but the government bears a strong responsibility in curbing it and they are not. The whole interest of this administration is vaccine, vaccine and vaccine. Have we realized that in less than 5 months in office St Lucia has seen over 40 murders. Over to you PM and Minister in hiding of National Security.

  6. The prime minister in waiting has become the prime minister in hiding – except for his exciting once in a lifetime photo-ops with entertainers and others?

  7. Well Well Well Well that is my retirement country I’m scared pjp pay the devil..unless you do that our country will not have peace..why you not addressing the nation national security minister..

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