Sunday, January 26, 2020

US: Boy Rewarded For Returning $900 To Elderly Woman


ABC News:– A 10-year-old boy who stumbled upon a cash-filled envelope in Target has learned a valuable lesson in integrity and empathy after insisting on returning the money to the elderly woman who lost it.

Parisa Dudley and her 10-year-old son Foster were at a Target in Hoover, Alabama last weekend when Foster discovered an envelope with $900 inside.

The envelope also contained a receipt from a local credit union as well as the woman’s name and signature who lost the money.

The boy’s initial reaction was to ask his mother if they could keep it.

“I looked at him and asked him to put himself in her shoes,” said Parisa Dudley in a Facebook post. “What if he had lost that much money. How would he feel? He quickly answered, ‘Mom, we have to find her and give it back.’”

And give it back he did.

Parisa Dudely said that it took the store manager and local police two days to track down Verdina Ball, the woman who lost the money.

Foster ended up meeting Verdina Ball at Target where pictures were taken and Foster even received a $100 gift card for his good deed.

“It was an awesome experience,” said Parisa Dudley. “My 10 year old son, learned a great lesson in integrity and empathy.”


  1. Losing money is never a good feellng. I am so glad that the young man have a parent who has integrity. Integrity is a disease worth catching.

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