US Hospital Ship To Provide Free Medical Services To Saint Lucians

Hundreds of Saint Lucians are expected to benefit from the visit here next month of the United States Naval Hospital Ship Comfort.

The hospital vessel will be here from September 23 to October 2, 2019.

While here it will provide free humanitarian assistance, including surgical, dental and other services to the people of Saint Lucia.

CT Scans, ultrasounds, X Ray and other services will also be provided, according to a  news release on the visit of the navy ship.

According to the release, five hundred  walk in patients will be seen each day from 8.00 am in Castries at two locations that will be confirmed next month.

It stated that physicians need to send in referred patients’ lists with referral summary for surgery to Doctor Sharon Belmar George by September 6, 2019.

She can be contacted at [email protected] and [email protected]

In addition, surgeons and surgical nurses who would like to work on the hospital ship with the specialists have been invited o submit the following by August 19, 2019:Professional Diploma; Resume/CV; Active Medical Licence, Residency Training Certificate if applicable; Fellowship Training Certificate; Professional Board Certificate and Picture Identification including face page of a passport or drivers licence – in colour.

The hospital ship has 10 admission beds and 30 ICU beds.


  1. This a shame in this time 2019 St.Lucia has to resort to medical handouts from the US. St. Lucians need to wake up and demand better leadership. I am sure the PM and his Ministers are not going to patronize this services. What is the motive behind this services?

    • You and all others like u Nads who can afford expensive medical care, keep shut. This service is not for you.
      Let those who can’t afford medical care or don’t want to pay patronize “the handouts”.
      People like you are too negative and shallow.
      Let others think for themselves.

      • Cant Afford so instead of us building on what we have we let it deteriorate and then look out for handouts. Oh no after 40 years of independence we can do better. Let us ask the PM and hos recking crew fpr better

    • Well no thank you to the US government for their free healthcare.
      Be smarter than that st. Lucians
      These people are coming to do lab experiments on youll and take your organs for transplanting. When you realise a kidney has gone missing it will be too late.
      You’ll are about to be lab Rats infected with diseases.
      Go and educate yourselves about what happens when this ship docks in Africa

  2. I thought St Lucia was a British island (could be wrong about it)? If it is British why is the government relying on the US? Here in Britain we have free medical care so surely this could/should be the same. I am British but I am also ashamed that my fellow men and women have to suffer due to lack of money. I hope someone somewhere will open a free service on the island for EVERYONE.
    Medical help should be free.

  3. Yes we have to suffer and specially when you reach the age of 65,no more insurance for you old bird,you better of joining the Rambally club.Why do we have to make such a fuss about all this? lets control who goes to the ship? I bet you its the rich the ones that have the monies.For all the old folk that really need this helping hand,I dont care from were it comes from.And the rest just shut your mouths.

  4. This Brit comes from outer space? who gave him all this info,free what?,we British? have a smoke and relax.

  5. Stop!All of you. Did you see all the int’l flags on this converted cruise ship with Red Cross insignia. They are on a humanitarian journey. Be grateful, full your bellies with thankfulness. Be happy. Politics has no place in this. Some of these people onboard, their bellies are full eagerness to put their skills to work to benefit healthcare to all St Lucians. Welcome their hearty generosity.

    • Proud Lucian

      I am most proud when I can do for myself and make the best of what I have. The state of our healthcare dont make me proud I don’t know about you,

  6. Firstly I didn’t mean to offend anyone regarding this subject.
    Yes I am British but I love St Lucia and I am moving to the island after Xmas. I am not rich but my partner and I both have medical backgrounds and wish to help. I take my hat off to the US/international ship which is giving free medical assistant. I feel ashamed that people in St Lucia suffer due to lack of money. Hope you’re government is also ashamed that their own people are going without care and that the hospitals are struggling with no funds. Again I did not mean to offend.

    • Florence Nightingale,
      I feel like we are being colonised all over again. We had a good health care system all we had to do is make it better and now we need handouts from all over.

  7. You all didn’t have you all get now you all thankful that something came up for the less fortunate in health care like me..I will certainly profit that opportunity to get my medicals done…its time we lucians stop that hypocrisy in criticizing everything..stop being political

  8. I am an American proud and serve in the US Army I was part of the Volunteer Translator for the Ship in Panama. They are a great members of the Armed Forces that are trying to assist the Community. Be greatfull and nice to them.

    • Angel I am a proud Saint Lucian who understands what my fore fathers did to achieve a certain level of competence in our health care and to see it come to nothing is a travesty .

      Thanks to you and other Americans but if everyone depend on you when they should be trying to do better for themselves then the world will be no better place. In the words of your President AMERICA FIRST. Saint Lucians should also put themselves first and do what is required to grow from strength to strength

  9. The way these people talk you could swear the former administration were saints, dammed if you do dammed if you don’t, worst thing you could ever do is feed maga dog…

    • Mince no words . This is the condescending tone of your Trump Chas. Yes we a Mega Dogs barking. Shame on you calling our people mega dogs. This is why it is so important for us to take charge of our destiny

  10. Florence sorry for going after you.Before you move to St Lucia,make sure you keep on paying your life insurance in the UK,because if you are in the range of the old farts,that is 65 at least,here in St Lucia they feed you to the pigs,you cant aply for anything not even a bank can save yourself if you can capture a local chick that can sign papers for you apart of warming the bed,course this has a financial cost.Balance yourself and have fun.

  11. You people dont even know you all own country. the Americans built the best hospital on this island, before the SLP and UWP decided to let it go to the dogs. this was the st judes hospital. americans led healthcare in this country before any other partner. if your politicians were smart, they would have reached out to the Americans even for the loan to continue their legacy in health to this island. but you all too stupid anyways..too many useless docs. sporting phds and ego and too many illiterates in politics. herein lies your multiple problem.

  12. Florence Nightingale,
    I feel like we are being colonised all over again. We had a good health care system all we had to do is make it better and now we need handouts from all over.

  13. 500 a day sounds like a statistical sample, however, I am wondering where that medical ship was after Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands were devastated by a hurricane recently.
    People are you aware that our police officers cannot participate in any regional or international workshop funded by the US?
    But today they expect me to believe that free healthcare is being offered. It would have sounded more believable in my opinion if they had excluded police officers

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