US Lawmaker Accused Of Using Women-Only Restroom To Resign

A US lawmaker accused of using a women-only restroom on more than one occasion is resigning, the Denver Post has reported.

The publication identified the lawmaker as Daniel Kagan, state senator from Arapahoe County.

News of his planned resignation came Wednesday from the spokesman for Senate Democrats.

Kagan was one of a handful of lawmakers to be accused of misconduct this year.

According to the Denver Post, a a 21-page report made public by his accuser, Republican state Senator Beth Martinez Humenik, said he had been seen in the women’s restroom by multiple women on three occasions since January 2017.

“But Kagan contended that he’d entered the restroom — which was unlabeled at the time — just once, and by mistake. A sign was added this year designating the restroom as being for women, which had been the custom,” the Post reported.

The resignation of the US lawmaker will be effective on January 11.

It had been rumored for weeks after the November 6 election in which Democrats retook the Senate majority with a 19-16 edge come January.