Thursday, September 29, 2022

US Official Warns Caribbean About Threat Of Transnational Criminal Organisations

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Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Western Hemisphere Daniel Erickson has warned Caribbean security officials about transnational criminal organisations (TCOs), describing them as “one of the most imminent threats” in the region.

“TCOs are poisoning the Caribbean and American people, trafficking in drugs, arms, humans, and other illicit products, and worsening corruption. Local gangs engage in violent crime, kidnapping, and sexual assault,” Erickson asserted.

Erickson spoke about the threats and challenges facing the Caribbean and what the Department of Defense is doing to work with Caribbean partners to keep the region a “zone of peace.”

The US official addressed leaders from 21 nations gathered in Barbados last week to discuss security challenges and regional cooperation.

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Among those in attendance was Saint Lucia’s Police Commissioner, Milton Desir.

The event was the 2022 Caribbean Nations Security Conference (CANSEC 22).

The two-day conference, co-hosted by the Barbados Defence Force and the U.S Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), focused on enhancing security cooperation to deal with regional challenges and threats.

“The challenges before us are many, but the way forward is through trust and cooperation. Only through building trust and deepening cooperation will we be able to meet these challenges successfully,” said Erickson



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  1. Let this deputy individual know do not throw stones at glass house. That being said. Us being suggested as a transition hub they should also similarly consider how they share there propoganda news about race and religion because that same individual birth country destroy people family and zero down there moral and place there devilish money they n the fore front on everything

  2. Its good that the U.S. is keeping an eye – also the French and the Netherlands – but what about the British? Don’t think that the U.S. don’t know of the history of some in the Government.

    • The US funds most of these criminal organizations. Samething they also did in Africa by funding terrorist groups to justify their occupation, and in Ukraine where they fund literal racist nazis.

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