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UWP Blasts Opposition Leader’s ‘Alarming’ Post On PM’s Facebook Page

Press Release:–  The leader of the St Lucia Labour Party continues to show that he is unfit for leadership and this was evident in his latest outburst on Social Media where he stoops to the lowest levels of discourse.

In an alarming post on the Honourable Prime Minister’s Facebook page, Philip J Pierre even tries to use the Bible as justification for his derogatory remarks.

In his desperation, Philip J Pierre has a history of outbursts unbecoming of a leader as he tries to score cheap political points.

Pierre tries to suggest that the Prime Minister was “dictatorial” while at the same time admitting that the Government did indeed listen to the people on the Tourism Bills with were withdrawn.

The United Workers Party and the country is fully aware that Philip J Pierre has very close experience with “dictatorial” leadership when he served Dr. Kenny Anthony as deputy leader and was never told about key decisions.

Was he aware of the Grynberg Deal? Did Kenny even tell him the date of the last election?

The UWP is aware that Pierre served in a Cabinet where one voice reigned. This is not how the current Government operates.

Pierre must understand that the withdrawal of the Tourism Bills is not as a result of his action but as a result of the government listening and taking note of the concerns of the citizens that it reports to.

Is Phillip J Pierre saying that his SLP government has never withdrawn any legislation? Now that would be dictatorial! But then his answer to any such question has always been: “I don’t know, I don’t know. I don’t know!”

We offer a reminder. Remember the law that would imprison journalists for two years with hard labour?

Remember the law to deny judges their discretion in court matters?

Remember the law that denied accused bail to accused citizens? Remember the mess with the revised criminal code? We need say no more!

The United Workers party congratulates the Government for listening to the concerns of the people by not allowing the Tourism Bills to go through into law.

Philip J Pierre should take a page from the humility of this government and stop stooping to the gutter politics that is synonymous with his party.


    • Agreed meme. This press release says nothing. You talking about a man using derogatory remarks and the example is he use the word dictatorial? Now, please, come on.

  1. Bla bla bla bla bla bal bububububub wooie. Anything for extra pay I guess the fallout hurting you too their their their their ??? I swear I have to start my own online publication people are yearning for an alternative balance unbias news coming out of St Lucia the same jackasses at the helm spewing the same recycle rubbish day in day out

  2. You all in the UWP has too much Guts. This Party is run by a White Dictator and Masa Allen . A man who has disrespected St.Lucians in every way. Look within your own House and you will see the Dictator

  3. What a load of horse caca….Nancy volair mash….Your brain full of cobwebs you deceitful idiot. Elections coming y’all must go…mashhhhhh Nancy

  4. Opposition do your job. You act like a bunch of kids do you job. State of emergency extended you could have done sonetgubf

    • What can they do ? Please tell me because once you have the majority vote all the opposition can do is just talk and make the populace aware of the negative effects of the laws being passed. And now with the 4 MONTH SOE, they can hold a rally, protest or any form of mass gathering. The PM may not be the smartest man but he realizes the power the SOE gives him

  5. He will never be PM. He can only dream. Hes doesnt have what it takes for the job. No one will take us seriously with a bumbling fool that can never get to the point as a leader.

  6. I agree with you GUSSO a man who cannot develop the main community in his constituency how can he develop a country. Pip was Minister of infrastructure and you mean to tell me that he could not resurface the main road in Marchand. Bouton has far better roads than Marchand. Who would give a teacher who has proven not being able to manage and be successful in a class to be the principal of a school. In the same way we cannot put our country in the hands of a man who has proven that he can’t develop at least one community in his constituency.
    Kenny Anthony proved that he cannot trust Philip J Pierre with good management and success of anything when he took one of the most important ministries that is the ministry of tourism (with tourism being the main driver of the economy) from Philip J Pierre, an experienced and matured politician and gave it a new, inexperienced and immature politician like Menissa Rambally to head.
    This must have been the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to Philip J Pierre.

  7. Imagine the worst case scenario, Pip is PM and addressing the UN. How does one translate his strange language?

  8. Mr. Pierre when you delivered A DRESS to the nation last week I heard you said that your party will focus on a youth economy. I am not sure what this is but if it is what I am thinking, you and the other five SLP MPs need to give up and make way for the youth. Let me suggest your slate of candidate for next election. Christopher Hunte as leader, Miguel Fervier, Tricia Lionel, Maundy Lewis, Jadia Jn.Pierre, Janeka Simon, ……………………………..

  9. Pierre you are not fit in no way whatsoever to lead a country, you’re an atheist. You don’t believe in prayer, nor forgiveness. You full of hate, you’re deceptive little liar, troublemaker. Time to quit and take the back seat. No qualities of a good leader found in you.

  10. Hunte just like his father unfit to be a leader in any form, he wants to complete what his ape father couldn’t. Miguel is a theif he cannot work in no bank ever in his lifetime. Dirty little wizo. These are the examples of good leaders? Hell no. Dirty report.

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