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UWP Calls For Immediate Removal Of Opposition Leader

Press Release:- In a release today, the United Workers Party remained convinced that the leader of the opposition, Honourable Philip J. Pierre, is unfit to serve under any leadership position as it concerns the citizens of Saint Lucia and calls for his immediate removal.

After witnessing the debate on a motion of no confidence presented by the Labour Party against the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Honourable Allen M. Chastanet, the United Workers Party expressed its concern that “the supporters of the Labour Party are being mislead and misrepresented by a person who continues to prove that he is unfit to lead; an individual who falsely accuses the Prime Minister, who was voted in by the people, of not having the best interests of the citizens of Saint Lucia at heart, yet walks out on his team members when faced with adversity.”

It was evident after viewing the performance of the leader of the opposition, that he “has no backbone and is incapable of leading even when presented with the slightest sign of defeat.” This came as no surprise when the UWP noted the same reaction from former leader of the opposition, Kenny Anthony, when he lost the 2006 election and abandoned his party. It is clear to the United Workers Party that this is a trend among leaders of the Labour Party who continue to prove that they are unfit to lead on any affairs of the people of this great nation.

On January 29, 2019, the UWP again noticed the same pattern emerge when the now leader of the opposition, Honourable Philip J. Pierre, walked out on his team members after sorely losing a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Allen M. Chastanet, knowing fully that he would not have won the vote in the first place. Instead, he proceeded to use up the time of our viewing citizens to debate an issue that was not substantiated by any facts, but was soon dismissed when Parliamentary representatives spoke out on the excellent leadership of the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia who has always empowered his ministers and created an environment that continues to nurture creativity among them.

The UWP takes up the responsibility to encourage fellow Saint Lucians to “open their eyes and see that leaders with no backbone are being chosen to mislead their friends, families and the ones who will come after them.” These are the same leaders who are seasoned in the political arena yet set no example for the young people who are the future of this country when they continue to show them that if they do not get their way, they should resort to reacting in a manner that is disrespectful to themselves and their team members.

Notwithstanding that the leader of the opposition continued to spew information with no facts, the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Honourable Allen M. Chastanet, received the resounding support of the United Workers Party and every single member of Parliament who continue to work for the people of Saint Lucia.

The UWP calls on supporters of the Labour Party to recognize that there is no more Labour Party under the fragile leadership of Honourable Philip J. Pierre and so he needs to be removed.


  1. What a load of rubbish. Is it the uwp business who leads the Labour party smh. Philip is not fit to lead the slp because he brought a motion of no confidence in the pm but the pm is fit despite all his crimes against St.Lucians. Is it Pierre that’s selling St.Lucians passports and no accounting for the money? Is it Pierre that’s taking loans to acquire lands from friends and family and giving it to foreigners to develop? Is it Pierre that’s refusing to finish st judes or refusing to open Owen king Eu hospital? Is it Pierre that gave Teo ah king 1000 acres of land and use the country’s money to build him a horse race track? Is it Pierre that’s abandon playing fields while Lockerbie enjoy $34000. Is it Pierre that continue to give family, friends and foreigners the country’s little resources? Is it Pierre Uwp then if not I suggest you look within and stop your childish game and wake up and smell the coffee.

    • If you read carefully, no one is asking for removal of another party. What is being put forward is for the removal of “The Leader of the Opposition.” That being said, I watched till the end. When I saw that Mr. Pierre got up and walked out, I said to my self, “AA! Phillip J Pierre walked out and left his members seated there! on my”. Not knowing that a statement like that would have come up by the ruling party. I was disappointed by his action. Wonder how his crew felt. A leader should be able to handle and face defeat. That’s one of the ways you get to become a better leader. My humble opinion, for those who want to cricify me for my comments.

  2. UWP; dont lower yourselves to SLP cocomackery. let them call their own no confidence vote in each other. these are a bag of red snakes who are vipers used to eating other. so allow them to do what they do best. almost every SLP who has already proven himself useless wants to lead the party. fact is- none of the crew at present is capable or deserve any leadership position. Pierre is the only one with some decency. all the others are crap.

  3. Politics ! It’s obvious that If you envoke a no confidence bill at the leadership of the country.That the motion will then be placed in your court .I am in disbelief the the opposition leader walked out? With every good governance there is an active and vibrant opposition! So the opposition leader needs to regroup and not disrupt but continue inquiring responsibly not for greed of leadership of the country but for sustainability and progress.Snice the UWP presently are proving to promote this!

  4. UWP is a disgrace. The other countries are having a hearty laugh at us. Chastanet does not like St. Lucians. He is only using this country and our treasury for his personal gain, open your eyes Lucians

  5. The UWP’s are acting as if they are the opposition! Stop your crying, and move on with the job! show us your leadership skills! ACTION is the word.

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