Tuesday, September 27, 2022

UWP Calls On SLP To Stop Attacking Tourism Workers, Public Servants

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Press Release:– The United Workers Party is deeply concerned over the continuous practice of attacks on the integrity of public servants by the SLP when it is convenient to them.

This is a practice that the Labour Party has displayed from their time in government when they showed their lack of respect by instating a secret 5% pay cut in the budget of 2015-2016.  

In their desperation and continuous practice of putting politics before people, the SLP has continued to malign public servants and falsely accusing them of doctoring information in the economic and social review because it showed the progress that the country is making under this UWP administration.

SLP operatives have also continuously attacked our hard working medical professionals as they seek to combat COVID-19. 

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As recent as this week in parliament they continue to attack public servants in their preparation of the annual estimates of expenditure and now they attack the technical expertise of the members of the command center. 

The Labour Party should be ashamed of their current actions which have gone as far as harassing the hard-working tourism workers, whose only intention is to feed their families and pay their bills. 

They must stop the barrage of attacks on the construction workers who prefer to earn their daily bread than to wait on hand outs.

This must stop and be condemned by all Saint Lucians as we seek to unite and fight the health and economic impact of COVID. 

The UWP will continue to do everything to encourage the Government to continue the work of building a new Saint Lucia and give every assurance to the hard-working public servants, the tourism worker and all the workers of this country that the UWP will defend their integrity and stand up for them against the blatant and unwarranted attacks of the Labour Party. 

We therefore condemn these attacks and call on the SLP to retract their unfounded and outrageous accusations and immediately issue an  apology  to the hard-working men and women in the public service.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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