Wednesday, August 17, 2022

UWP Chairman Calls For Optimism As The Party Regroups

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Press Release:- The Flame of Flambeau will be shining brighter than ever, as the United Workers Party (UWP) regroups, rebuild, and reconnects with its various audiences.

That’s the firm assurance being given by Party Chairman, Attorney at Law and former Speaker of the Saint Lucia House of Assembly Mr Andy Daniel. 

In a Christmas/New Year’s address posted on social media that touched on a range of issues, from crime to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Daniel called on supporters and well-wishers of the party not to lose faith, but to remain optimistic, noting that the party’s best days are before it and not behind. 

“We ask members and supporters of the United Workers Party not to feel defeated or discouraged, we are ready to work. Our doors are always open to all,” noted Daniel. 

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He went on, “The United Workers Party (UWP) understands and accepts democracy and given the reassuring numbers at the polls, we are well oiled and efficiently prepared to be a respectful, yet aggressive opposition, to hold the Saint Lucia Labour Party administration accountable. We shall continue to be the voice of the people.” 

The Party Chairman lamented the relentless carnage and reckless driving on the nation’s roads which have claimed the lives of so many Saint Lucians.

“Fellow Saint Lucians, I implore you during the Festive Season to be cautious on the roads so as to avoid accidents and fatalities. The recent spate of criminal activities has been disheartening, leaving many moaning. These criminal activities must stop, and I am asking all those contemplating such to cease and desist immediately. We must all be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers. Let us create a safer Saint Lucia for everyone.”

Covid-19 he said had affected lives and livelihoods here in Saint Lucia and the world over. In the face of growing pandemic fatigue, the UWP Chairman admonished the nation not to let its guard downs, but rather to double their efforts at combating the deadly scourge. 

“If you, or anyone close to you have lost someone through this pandemic, we sympathize with you. As a Party that cares, we urge you to maintain a positive attitude, use interactive means of keeping close to family, friends and love ones. Remain busy with secular work, household activities, hobbies or just in caring for one another,” remarked the former Speaker. 

He said the National Executive, the National Council, and the entire United Workers Party, extended sincere Christmas greetings and well wishes for a Happy and Prosperous 2022 to all Saint Lucians. 


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  1. For uwp to make an impact now, not only chas must go and bring Anthony Bristol, but people like Sam Flood should shut up. He makes more damage than good. Bring fresh blood into the party. Right now St Lucians are looking at uwp as a set of corrupt people.

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