UWP Chides Government Over School Repairs Budget

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Prior to the UWP Government assuming office in 2016, the annual budget for school repairs was only $1 Million a year.
This $1 Million dollar budget had to be shared amongst over 120 schools on the island which averages an allocation of $8,333 per school for an entire year.
When the UWP assumed office in 2016, this budget was increased from $1 Million to $10 Million a year. This resulted in many schools which had fallen into deplorable conditions finally receiving the much needed attention that they had previously been starved of.
Fast forward to 2022, the SLP has returned to Government and whilst they have passed the largest budget in Saint Lucia’s history at $1.8 Billion, they have cut the schools rehabilitation budget from the $10 Million instituted by the UWP down to $3 Million.
Is the SLP putting our teachers and students first by implementing a 70% cut on school rehabilitation? How can a school with a population of over 500 students have a budget of only $25,000 for maintenance for an entire year?
How could Shawn Edward agree to allowing Philip J Pierre to cut the budget for something as important as schools? Some schools suffer from leaking roofs, a lack proper desks and chairs for both students and teachers. The bathrooms in most are still unacceptable.
Is this how the SLP intends on putting your children first?
Source: United Workers Party. Headline photo: Internet stock image
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Editorial Staff
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  1. I am certain the budget for school repair will increase once the outstanding vaccines funds are obtained. Also, I believe the last administration can volunteer to repair school based on money that was pocketed or saved by definition.

  2. Oh please with the economic sink hole Chastanet left St Lucia in and given the current state of affairs $ 1.3 million allocated will have to do. These Yellow Clowns are acting like it’s “the best of times”. Right now we have to be robbing Peter to pay Paul and with hurricane season upon us all we can do right now is hope and pray. The Honorable PJP is an economist by trade, not a shady business man, and if it’s 1.3 million he found then so be it tighten yu’ll bellies. The way I see it right now he is taking 2 fish and 5 loaves to feed the multitude, due to the mishandling of the economy by The United Worthless Party, so Cry a River you pricks !

    • Under UWP: schools are in deplorable conditions
      Under SlP: schools are still in deplorable conditions.

      It is stupid for any government to refrrence the allocated budget as a measure how well they did for a sector. That’s just laughable when on ground the situation is dire….our schools are hot messes of infrastructure failures….security measures are weak….perimeter security systems are non existent…..traffic management around many schools are nightmares…..backup water systems are insufficient…..playgrounds are unsafe….check Camille Henry for example!!!!!!!!!!


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