UWP Concerned Over BVI Arrest, Claims Credit As RSLPF Participates In Tradewinds 2022

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The recent participation of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) in the US training exercise Tradewinds 2022, for the first time in nearly ten years, is thanks to the United Workers Party Government’s commitment to resolve IMPACS and have the Leahy Law lifted.
The former Allen Chastanet-led administration worked tirelessly to restore Saint Lucia’s relationship with the United States Government, which led to the announcement in June 2021 by the United States Ambassador during a visit to Saint Lucia that the United States would resume security cooperation and assistance to units within the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) with immediate effect.
Under the UWP administration the US had also provided support to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions in the form of donated equipment.
“This was not an easy task and was years in making; requiring extensive consultations across U.S. Government agencies,” explained former Prime Minister now Leader of the Opposition Hon Allen Chastanet.
“We are pleased our police can now take part in such exercises and note that this also helps rebuild the morale of the RSLPF.”
“We can only hope that the present administration understands how much persistent negotiating it took to rebuild the relationship with the United States. Unfortunately, soon after this current government took office we were shocked to hear the External Affairs Minister publicly refer to key international partners as a ‘morally bankrupt mongoose gang’.
Such reckless statements have severe implications for all Saint Lucians and can significantly reverse the gains earlier made.”
Chastanet said he was further concerned about the recent arrest of a high profile leader in the Caribbean by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).
“It is important we know that our own elected officials are not implicated in what seems like a far-reaching investigation by the US and other international drug enforcement agencies. The SLP Government needs to clarify the stories in the public domain that there are ministers who have been denied their US Visas.”
Chastanet also called on the Government to provide all the necessary assistance to the Office of the DPP to resolve the relevant IMPACS related cases.


Source: United Workers Party
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  1. It’s like a shipis sinking because the crew bore holes in the bottom. This same crew then uses teaspoons to bail out the water. The crew then wants acknowledgement and credit for the teaspoons of water they’ve bailed out. In the meantime, the ship is still sinking, but no one cares because they’re busy looking for that credit. We really deserve better than the representation we have received from both political parties. We deserve so much better. I hope one day we will have a change in mindset and will put country first. Until then, enjoy the circus?

  2. Seriously? We did this! You did that!

    Why does everything in Saint Lucia must involve some sort of politricks?

    If it’s not SLP, it’s UWP. Why? Both of these political parties are using the people for their own personal gain. Peeing in their eyes and calling it rain. Then again Saint Lucians are blinded by such actions so they accept whatever is given.

  3. The only credit Chas can get is Borrowing Credit. Chastanet has been recommended for the Nobel Prize for the 23 Islands he built in VF.

  4. everybody know whose visa got burnt so dont say stupidity. hope they do hilarious for money laundering. dont focus on 1 person and forget the rest. get that offshore bank account.

  5. Hmm.. why is it when something good happens the UWP is claiming credit but when there are negative issue like murders, missing 7 million for vaccines the UWP is nowhere to be found?

  6. whether yall like it or not the UWP has always had better relations with the US and Canada than the SLP. so Chas deserves his credit. i agree with him not letting the SLP take credit they need to deliver their own shit

  7. This investigation by the DEA will definitely reach us in St Lucia. everyone in SLU knows what they know that we pretend not to know. Chas is right this can hurt our relarions with US. The looshans that dont need to travel dont care but for those of us who have family and business with the US losing our visa is a big deal for us. so yes we must be mindful of what we do the people we put into office and how it will affect us. we must have standards in public life.

  8. Credit my foot, this is the job of every government to develop a Country. Stop asking to be credited for every development of this Country, the money that is being spent is not yours.

  9. I hope they taught the RSPF volunteers how to fly aircrafts and helicopters so we can protect our borders… on second thought i’ll pass on that one lmao. Anyway I hope this event taught the rspf a lesson in being less hostile towards people.

  10. Why don’t they just tell us why a politicians visa got denied? I heard former PM Kenny Anthony kept on saying he’d say what the reason & has yet to say anything,just a whole “I know what I know & I know what you know” nonsense & keeping everything a secret…Different people have their own suspicions as to why but it’s not good to speculate…Same as when minister Frederick was a member of UWP the SLP supporters were saying all kinds of bad things about the man & now they hail him as a hero…Now he has done an amazing job in Central Castries but why did the SLP supporters accuse the poor man of such? Even Calypsonian Invader made a song on the man….WHY? 😢

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