Wednesday, August 10, 2022

UWP Condemns Threats Against The Police – Urges Citizens To Support Cops

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The United Workers Party takes this opportunity to distance itself from any and all
statements made calling on individuals to target the police in Saint Lucia.

Recently we heard of threats against the police by supposed criminal elements in our
society as well as other unsavoury comments by at least one individual on social media.

The United Workers Party would like to make it categorically clear that when in
government it supported the police 100 percent and continues to do so in Opposition.

We also take exception to the unapproved use of our party symbol in a doctored social
media video attempting to associate the comments made by an unaffiliated individual to
the United Workers Party.

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Again, the United Workers Party condemns in the strongest possible terms any threats of
violence against our police men and women, and calls on all Saint Lucians to stand in
support of our police and the fight against crime in our beautiful island.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Something of such importance would have been better addressed in person by the chairman or leader of the party if they felt that strongly about the support for the police.

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