Thursday, September 29, 2022

UWP Condemns Voice Notes Threatening Violent Protests

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The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has condemned voice notes on social media regarding potential violent protests over the inability of people to find jobs and feed their families.

A senior law enforcement official told St Lucia Times that the matter is under investigation and the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) was preparing a response plan.

Addressing an opposition news conference on Thursday, new UWP Chairman Andy Daniel disclosed that the party was aware of the voice notes.

“We have noted a series of voice notes on WhatsApp where persons are threatening persons in society. This United Workers Party strongly condemns any form of crime, any form of intimidation whether it is through voice note, whether it is in actuality. This United Workers Party will not stand for crime and we vehemently condemn this,” the former Speaker of the House of Assembly declared.

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And regarding the UWP, he said the opposition group was rebuilding and reconnecting but was by no means broken.

The party suffered a massive defeat at July 26, 2021, general elections managing to hold on to only two of the 11 seats it formerly held in the 17 seat House of Assembly while in government.

According to Daniel, democracy and good governance require a vibrant and functional opposition which the UWP will provide.

“We aim to be the preferred political party in Saint Lucia by remaining relevant innovative and transparent through honesty, respect, teamwork, commitment, discipline and confidentiality,” he stated.

“We are ready for the journey ahead,” the Attorney at Law by profession declared.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. On what are we basing our confidence ?
    Has the creator change ? The word of God (Jesus)
    Be prepared for the worse , but always except the best towards life .
    Trust in the Lord, for the day of God’s anger and wrath is near !
    { I have not come to bring peace , but to
    put division “says the God of Israël and St-Lucia}
    The day of the LORD is near for all nations !! –
    The day and hour is (unknown )and no one knows the (day or hour !!
    Though your footprints were not seen ,
    ”yet you led your people like a flock by the
    hands of Moses and Aron ”.
    O Jeovah,we have called you from the lowest pit , must you hear our pleas when we call on you ?
    For trouble times are near ! In the day of confusion ,anxiety, tribulation –
    Have mercy upon the afflicted ones, for
    we are your people !

    Surley God is good to Israël and St-Lucia , and for those who are ‘pure’ heart !

  2. Hasten ,O God ,to delivered us ; may (all who seek you ) rejoice and be glad in you ;
    May those who (love your Salvation) always
    Say ,
    ” Let God be exalted ”.
    Come quickly to us O God ,
    You are our help and our deliverer ;
    O LORD ,do not delay !
    The poor will see and be glad –
    You who seek God,may your hearts live !
    The Lord hears the needs and do not dispise
    his captive people !

    ” But as for me ,I will always praise you more
    and more ,my mouth will tell of your righteousnes ,of your Salvation all day long ,
    though I know not it’s measures .
    Though I am not very far, but very close ,
    I will proclaim your mighty acts ,yours alone
    O Souvereign LORD .

  3. “A senior law enforcement official told St Lucia Times that the matter is under investigation and the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) was preparing a response plan. ”

    Law Enforcement in St.Lucia will treat this case the same way they treated the SHOOTING IN VIEUX FORT. Pierre will get some TV time to show off his outfit and once no one is looking they will just shove the complain under the carpet.

    A bunch of USELESS Guys called themselves Police in SLU. They just keep on making all hardworking policemen and women look bad in the world. Again – USELESS human beings – I can bet with anyone there will never be an arrest.

  4. @the Fox I concur with your statement. Well said and it’s true …sitting around and blaming everyone but themselves.

  5. Ha ha ha ha haha 😆😆😆😆😆 I love the part that states “regrading the UWP” (Usually Whining Pigs) hear them… their head Yellow Clown to date can’t address CRIME look who is doing it……their so call Chairman the absolute shame of it

  6. The best preparation and defense is ON YOUR KNEES IN PRAYER TO THE ALMIGHTY: when things begin to get tight, food prices going up globally, children at school, mom and dad catching hell, its no fun; but is violence the answer? God will always find a way for those who believe. I smelt something with that unholy trinity, with the inmates running the asylum. Sad to say but it will get much worse.(your professionally qualified people will have no trouble finding better paid jobs abroad) so be careful. There are skilled Trades all about going unfulfilled: what do you do, sit around smoking weed & Ganja, wearing big long gold chain around your neck, Tatoo all over, long Dreads, the usual trade mark, then you curse De white man, claiming 400 yrs slavery that do that; go to hell; (I woke up, prayed to God, Graduated,qualified no problem

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