UWP Endorses Three Candidates For Upcoming Elections

Press Release:– The National Council of the United Workers Party on Sunday June 29, 2020 endorsed three candidates for the upcoming general elections.

The council endorsed, Senator Fortuna Belrose for the Castries East constituency, Senator Francisco Jn Pierre for the Laborie constituency and Ms. Phera Polius for the Dennery North Constituency.

Senator Belrose has a stellar record as a public servant at the highest level and currently serves as the Minister for Culture and the creative industries.

Ms. Belrose served the constituency of Castries east where she hails from as their caretaker candidate for the last four years after falling shy of just 300 votes against the leader of the opposition in 2016.

The UWP believes that Ms. Belrose has played a pivotal role in building a new Saint Lucia and is well on her way to gaining victory at the next polls.

Senator Francisco Jn Pierre has been an advocate for the south in the senate from 2019.

Mr. Jn Pierre is a businessman and Taxi driver and former president and member of the Southern taxi Association and a former employee and officer of the Laborie Credit union.

The UWP is confident that Mr. Jn Pierre will has made significant strides towards the development of Laborie in the last four years and will be victorious against the incumbent in the next elections.

Newcomer Ms. Phera Polius is a daughter of  Gardette, Dennery North. She is an educator, community activist and people-centered leader.

Ms. Polius served as a teacher at the La Resource combined school, Derniere Riviere School and a lecturer at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community college.

She also serves as a tutor and course coordinator in the Masters in Literacy program of the UWI Open campus.

Ms. Polius has a passion for the parish church that she serves and is involved in a number of community development groups such as the Disaster preparedness committee, the constituency council, and the development committee and toastmasters club.

She has also been instrumental in the boy scouts in the schools; she served and founded a UNESCO funded literacy project for parents of grades 2 students in Derniere Riviere, La Resource and Aux Lyons.

Ms. Polius has been at the forefront of water projects in Gadette, summer workshops and clean up campaigns in her community.

The United Workers Party fully supports Ms. Polius and is confident of her becoming the next Parliamentary Representative for Dennery North at the next elections.

The UWP congratulates all three candidates as we continue the journey of building a new Saint Lucia.




  1. I am so sick and tired of these usless people jumping into politics because thwy see how they can make a quick buck and forget about the people who elected them. Ahhh the game of politricks

  2. Ofcourse they can bring back the bacon. But it’s only for those people who are fed up of this current administration to eat. Fortuna is a waste of time. Jn Pierre is a deck deck just like Edmund Estaphane. They both can’t express themselves. As for Estaphane this guy is really a shame as a former teacher. Real gor gor

  3. To me They have to be above the age of 50 years .Declare their Assets .PhD .And Married.These persons just jump.on the Ban wagon to .fill their pockets for 5years

  4. Once a slp supporter I really think slp has not made any strides to have me change my mind they are the same way no evidence of being prepared to take on a country . they are like shamble only preaching propaganda no substance they cannot even bring out their policies to be compared by others .the leader is a real stumurin gor gor pip have to look over his shoulder for heal ear jufalli Kenny eh want pip as his leader a bunch of hopeless recycle liars nothing to excite voters a set of hungry money grabbers shamful monsters man shame

  5. We are doomed from both ends. The candidates both parties bring forward are not what the people want. Politics in Saint Lucia has lost its focus, it is no longer about serving the people but getting friends and rich people a cut of the pie.

  6. When all off yall der talking bla bla bla.i wan to know which politician not fulling der pockets. head on yall.get yall damn minds staight people.thats y i wont vote no more cause is cats and mouse on both sides no matter how u spin the two parties around.

  7. Ms Polius is a good candidate. And, she is going up against a guy who is tarnished by the National Lotteries money and the corruption of the Minister’s Account. She will have access to all the projects that never got started and those projects that were never completed, yet party operatives got paid from the Minister’s Account. The list of all the projects and the names of the persons who were paid will be exposed for all to see. I expect an easy victory for Ms. Polius.


      • You should call your self tiny brain because you can’t think for yourself. You must depend on SLP hacks to tell you what to repeat. You repeating every nonsense about Guy and Chastanet but you don’t want me to repeat the truth about Shawn Edwards. Guy spoke about the contracts given for projects that were never started or finished. He said the money came from the Minister’s Account. Shawn did not stand and complain to the speaker. Therefore, the file that Guy has is real. Tiny Brain, just be prepared for another 5 years in opposition because the people will never get rid of Chastanet in a hurry.

    • Congratulations to all three 👏 I’m voting for Man not colour they are bright individuals …. and stop hateing people 🙏🙏🙈🙈

  8. simon u sound like gwadjham. stop your nonsense. this woman sands no chance against shawn edward and neither does the other two against pip and alva.

    • Tony, why don’t you go and put teeth in your mouth. You think it’s my fault that you left school too early. Now you have to depend on handouts for you to survive. People like you will become beggars by the roadside shortly.

  9. Jn Pierre is a recycle waste. Why is he in the running? Jn Pierre is a no for me. UWP should have choose a better candidate. That man is a gor gor.

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