Sunday, January 26, 2020

UWP: Hilaire Continues To Sell Out Saint Lucia!

Press Release:– The United Workers Party joins several regional and international organizations in expressing concerns about the lack of electoral reform in Dominica.

The UWP believes that the power rests with the people of Dominica to ensure and demand that this democratic process is done in a manner which is transparent and meets the international standards adopted by the region.

It is alarming to the United Workers Party that on the eve of an election in Dominica, the ruling party would allow the questionable Saint Lucia Labour Party MP, Dr. Ernest Hilaire to speak on their platform and tarnish the name of his own country.

Dr. Hilaire accused Saint Lucians of planning what is taking place in Dominica. The United Workers Party calls on Dr. Hilaire to retract this statement and apologize to the people of Saint Lucia.  How dare Dr. Hilaire in his bid to support his friend by any means necessary attack and hurt the reputation of his own country.

This is a glaring reminder of the flawed character of Dr. Hilaire and his callous, uncouth and illogical attempt at political expediency at the cost of Saint Lucians. Does the SLP stand by these reckless statements made by their Deputy Political Leader, Dr. Hilaire?

It is also passing ironic that Roosevelt Skerrit’s DLP chose Hilaire, the man at the center of the Juffali Scandal in Saint Lucia, to speak on their political platform.

The Al Jazeera documentary showed clearly that both Skerrit and Hilaire are deeply involved in questions surrounding the sale of diplomatic passports. What else do these two men have in common? How deep does this corruption really go? Are these “Quid-Pro-Quo” birds of a feather sticking together?

The UWP again condemns the statements made by Dr. Hilaire and calls on the SLP to distance itself from the unhinged and desperate attempts by Ernest Hilaire to meddle in Dominica at the expense of his own country.




  2. Dr hilaire should be arrested on his return from Dominica and be questioned on those serious allegations.he should get the source as to who in st.Lucia did what he said was done if he cannot say jail him. Make an example of him

  3. I think this statement was reckless and dangerous coming from a deputy poli t iCal leader hilaire should be made accountable for his selfish statement

  4. well well skeerit another volaire has won dominica elections again. but i must say that i am proud to be a lucian because nowhere in this backyard would skeerit get away with what he just did if that were st lucia. we dont protest and block road but i glad we deadly at the polls. we dont vote people in as much as we vote them out. slp under hilaire will be given the kick they deserve pretty soon. did jufalli money make him bribe his SLP comrades into his position? good thing we dont care in st lucia. we will eat your money and still take out your eyes at the polls. i am confident that my people will not let me down in any upcoming election when we send SLP packing. it does not mean we can’t sent chas away, we will..but not with the jenny’s thats with the SLP now – including mr diplomat for sale al jeezeera.

  5. This release just shows how backward we are! We talk about divisiveness, this is an example. This type of “release” should never be encouraged and anyone who formulated this type of mediocrity should be fired. They are not good at their job. This release stinks of “third world mentality and rhetoric yet we speak of advancement! Nonsense! The Crow has spoken.

  6. I think Lucians are addicted to too mutch ketchup or mustard. Let’s face it, this system is corrupt and put extra ketchup or mustard will not solve our problems. Wakeup Lucians.

  7. Maitre bonda zot .You all cannot handle his brilliance and,moreso, you all cannot scare him with all these unfounded attacks on his character.His is not afraid of you all.

  8. Please! All these are distractions. Distractions from the fact that we have our citizens housed in a stadium for a hospital, 10 years on. Distraction from the fact that crime is on the increase and we are not safe in our homes. Distraction from the rampant spending by this Government that our children and grandchildren will be burdened with. Distraction from the friends, family and foreigners philosophy. You are all the same, red and yellow. All sell outs. I am not distracted.

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