UWP Names Jeannine Giraudy-McIntyre As Castries North Candidate

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The ruling United Workers Party (UWP) Friday named Jeannine Giraudy-McIntyre as its Castries North candidate, hours after incumbent Stephenson King who has for years represented the party in the constituency, announced Thursday night that he would be going into the July 26 general elections as an Independent.

Giraudy-McIntyre, a lawyer by profession, is the daughter of the lateĀ  Emmanuel Henry-Giraudy, who served for many years as Chairman of the UWP.

He was also a founding member of the UWP.

Like her late father before her, Giraudy-McIntyre has served as the President of the Saint Lucia Senate.

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She was introduced to the media as the UWP Castries North candidate at a news conference at the party headquarters in Castries.

“With a great sense of pride and honour, I humbly offer myself as the candidate for the United Workers Party, for the great constituency of Castries North,” Giraudy-McIntyre told Friday’s news conference.

She disclosed that she was born in the constituency and spent her childhood there.

The Castries North candidate recalled that she was raised in the UWP and as a daughter of a founding father whom she described as ‘the mighty chairman’, the late Emmanuel Henry Giraudy, individuals know that they have a loyal, steadfast and unwavering Flambeau.

“I assure you, I will use my two feet to walk the entire constituency to talk with you, hear your views and concerns and to embrace you all. My heart and soul are in this and I am prepared to do whatever it takes,” she declared.

“I have had the privilege of travelling and living in many parts of the world and whether it be Canada, the United States, Barbados, Trinidad, Africa or my beloved Saint Lucia, I have learned that one cannot thrive without unity,” Giraudy-McIntyre asserted.

“A constituency cannot be built alone,” she explained.

“I know I can rely on the support of our great United Workers Party, for as my dad used to say to meĀ  ‘Don’t worry Jeannine, we have a party machinery and loyal supporters like no other.”

She said she was truly saddened by what she described as ‘the peculiar departure’ of Stephenson King, especially since growing up with him he was so close to ‘our family’.

“I am even more surprised by the deliberate timing of his departure. But let me be clear, there are no independent candidates in this election. Any vote that is not a vote for the UWP, is a vote for the Saint Lucia Labour Party,” she stated.

“So do not be fooled by the smoke screens,” Giraudy-McIntyre said.



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