UWP Observes 13th Anniversary Of St Jude Hospital Fire

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The United Workers Party observes that today marks the 13th anniversary of the fire
at St Jude’s Hospital on September 9, 2009.

Having worked diligently towards building a world class and state-of-the-art hospital
during its recent term of office, the UWP administration was determined to provide to the people of the south, and by extension the people of Saint Lucia, an effective solution to healthcare.

Unfortunately, the ravages of Covid seriously hampered the progress of the construction works at the hospital site in the south.

The decision by the current administration to return to the old St. Jude Hospital which began serving the general population since 1965 is not a move in the best interest of the people of Saint Lucia.

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The ageing number of buildings are not the most efficient and convenient layout for a modern hospital.

The old St. Jude Hospital which was originally constructed in 1942 can hardly be
considered as relevant or up to the times.

With all the development, investment, and economic activity planned for the south, it only makes sense to give the people of the south, a modern and resilient structure which is in keeping with expectations for a hospital in these modern times.

The United Workers Party calls on the Philip J. Pierre administration to consider all the benefits of the modern facility started by the United Workers Party and to complete the new St. Jude Hospital facility.

The United Workers Party calls on the current administration to look to the future
rather regressing into the past with our healthcare.

SOURCE: United Workers Party. Headline photo: Stock image

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  1. It is very Sickening that the UWP wants to call about the completion of St Jude when they stayed in power for almost 6 years. For three years they stop the project. invest in horses instead of the hospital, Pay $13 million for a bypass road for Teo. Borrowed Millions with nothing to show. Destroy two of the buildings, Spent Millions on St jude. Took all the materials which was for St jude away with no accountability, and now the Uited Wreckers of the poor have the guts to talk about hospital

  2. you mean 13 years the assholes who govern this banana republic cannot fix a simple building and we vote for these folls both ways….. this should be GBWR … this expose our island incompentence.

  3. Who these people think they fooling? Both yellow and red party must be blamed for that mess. But to be fair y’all were there longer than Labour after that fire so most of the blame for it not being completed should be yours. Just saying…

  4. What a Disgrace for St.Lucia .The Hewanorra International Airport is Located In Vieux Fort .Both Parties have to be Blame For that Hospital Completion .Tbose who Stole .millions have to be Held Accountable and Return all Monies and Materials that was Stolen

  5. What a shame for the UWPs. You all were there for 5 long years you all never attempt to complete it, you all rather demolished 2 buildings now you all are talking. what happened to the 863 million dollars borrowed? What did Chas do with this money? How many passports were sold under UWP?
    Juke Bois answer this


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