Wednesday, September 28, 2022

UWP Presents Manifesto – Chastanet Outlines Plans ‘To Build On Our Progress’

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The ruling United Workers Party (UWP) has presented its 2021 election manifesto and slate of candidates for the July 26 general elections, with Prime Minister Allen Chastanet pointing to his administration’s achievements in office and urging voters to help the ruling party keep working for the good of all Saint Lucians.

“In 2016, we gave you our “Five to stay Alive” to counter the effects of an inherited ailing economy, runaway unemployment, a decrepit health care system, a pitiless Value Added Tax (VAT) and more. The job is not yet over,” he said in published remarks introducing the manifesto.

The document lists a slew of successes it said the UWP administration achieved in office in a number of sectors after rescuing this country from five years of ‘inept, callous, and uncaring policies’ of the Labour Party, which inflicted’ unnecessary hardship on the people of Saint Lucia’.

The list in the manifesto included reducing the debt to GDP ratio to 59% within the first three years in office, securing secured a cumulative economic growth rate of 9% in the first three years in office, reducing the rate of youth unemployment from 44% to 32% in the first three years in office  and cutting the overall rate of unemployment from 24% to 16% in the first three years in office

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“Our country has started to show signs of a genuine and durable recovery on account of sound social and economic policies of the UWP Administration,” the manifesto noted.

And in regard to the first 100 days in office, the manifesto promises to introduce a $3 million Back to School programme targeting the vulnerable and single parents, introduce consultation and prepare strategy for the introduction of unemployment insurance and pass legislation in respect of national health insurance for all.

A UWP administration also plans to pass legislation in respect of cannabis, introduce property tax reform, commence construction of a new police headquarters and complete land rationalisation.

“As we of the United Workers Party continue to hold fast to our legacy in nation building, we continue to believe fervently in the core values of our party. We are committed to fulfilling the vision of our founding fathers, as we simultaneously embrace with excitement, the dreams of our youthful nation, in charting the way forward for a better Saint Lucia,” Prime Minister Chastanet asserted.

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