Tuesday, September 27, 2022

UWP Reiterates Call To Cushion Rising Cost Of Living

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The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has reiterated a call for the Government to ease the burden of the rising cost of living on Saint Lucians while accusing Prime Minister Philip. J. Pierre of being uncaring.

In a release on its official Facebook page, the UWP stated that Pierre has shown that he doesn’t care about the well-being of St Lucians.

It noted that the Castries East MP had rejected the opposition party’s recommendations which would help reduce the burdens Saint Lucians are enduring due to the daily increases in goods and services.

According to the release, Pierre responded to the UWP’s proposal:”These plans belong in a rubbish dump.”

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At the same time, the UWP observed that the PM is still not announcing any measures his Government will put in place to help citizens whose ability to survive is being stifled.

As a result, the opposition party renewed its call for Pierre, responsible for finance, to reduce VAT, add more items to the zero-rated list, and reintroduce and expand the Electricity Assistance Programme.

The party also urged him to provide more support to farmers, reduce the price of cooking gas, announce no more increases to gas and diesel, and deliver on his promise of $1500 to each Saint Lucian.

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  1. Chastnet always talk rubbish , and as much as I am a member of the Uneless Wasteful Party (UWP ) some body please ask Chastnet to stay away from our party .

    He has been the worst of the worst Chastnet is in no position to talk on any issues .please as that fishing hook to stay away from our party .

  2. Tbh we never saw such price hikes under the UWP admin. The situation is getting out of control. The government needs to step up fast if we as a nation are going to survive. Chatmstanet had to mitigate Covid. They did do their best. SLP agenda should be mitigating the price hikes on the people. Common drop a money guys!!

  3. Rather,let us be as good examples and good followers !
    A happier life is living near Jesus and walking where he shall leads the way,and let us forget the former things which will bankkrupt the future.
    It is never too late, some day however,we will see the light, walk by faith and (beleive).
    All God’s testing has a purpose !
    As God continually provide for all our needs !
    When trials assails and our mood descend,and pain and sorrows seems never to end-
    Yeild to God, for God’s divine power overflowing financial blessings and his grace will be larvishly bestowed upon us and doors of blessings will increases abundantly.

  4. I know one set of people that are certainly not affected by this rising cost…….Forrestierre people! They have amassed fortunes under Chas and Guy. Yol think cap estate people have money…..

  5. I realized that many do not like when the truths are from the enemy so the SLP peasants always move away from the topic and point out where Chastanet went wrong including the 1.5 million for vaccines but the fail to realize that all administration have wasted the country’s finance including the SLP. The point is Chastanet is right. The $500 given to the citizens was criticized by SLP and the SLP (Philip J Pierre) promised to do better than $500. Well this is the time to do better Philip Pierre. Remember your words. A labour government would ensure………

  6. REALITY CHECK what’s about all the millions chastnet borrowed. What did he do with it? Whats about the 7 millions given to the vaccine. Uwp should shut up and allow another set of people talk.

  7. Reality check please. The fact is that the prime minister did promise $1,500 to the citizens of St.Lucia. All politicians are liars big time. If you win by lies, everything you try to initiate will be a mess. We wonder why crime is escalating and the government is clueless on what to do. God is the answer to all our issues. The wickedness begin from the government and its flowing like a river. Things will get worst and this country will suffer.

  8. Please do not take on Ali baba and his 40 crooks , is garbage talk alone he has . Can some one itemize what did Chastnet did for the benefit of St.Lucian for their past five years of corruption ??????????

  9. Mighty America can not address the high cost of living and the high price of gas. The opposition sounds like a group of really uneducated individuals who are also mentally and physically challenged.

  10. UWP while in power your focus was on construction and money for friends ,family and foreigners.
    Some how with Guy Joseph out ,you all have finally understood the plight of the less fortunate. Wow!
    News flash things were much harder durring the covid 19 years of 2020 and 2021.
    To little to late.

  11. If St. Lucians EVER elect these uwp clowns again – especially the massa Chastanet, I am moving to Siberia. I am not political, however, Chastanet and FADE-AWAY we’re the most corrupt bunch in our history. Oh, I forgot the koolie from forrestiere too

    • Just a Lark of knowledge,Sooo sad..
      The government should give money to the needy..
      It’s work’s in Canada… follow the Canadian systems and move ahead..If I made any spelling errors, please fill in the blanks..

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