Wednesday, October 5, 2022

UWP Says Pierre To Borrow Hundreds Of Millions To Fund Budget

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The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) claims that Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre is to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars to fund ‘the largest budget in St Lucia’s history.’

The UWP made the claim on Tuesday in a press release on its official Facebook page.

It asserted that Pierre, responsible for finance, will present a whopping 1.8 Billion dollar budget, requiring him to borrow at least $500 million to finance his first such fiscal measure.

According to the release, the largest budget presented by then Prime Minister Allen Chastanet was $1.6 Billion for 2021-2022.

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It observed that in opposition, the SLP criticised the UWP for having to borrow to finance the Government.

” Now that they are in office, like with many of the other issues that they criticised whilst out, they are doing exactly what they stood against,” the UWP stated.

The opposition group said it was ‘another glaring example of hypocrisy’ on the part of the Labour Party.

Philip J. Pierre will present the Estimates to the House of Assembly at 4:00 pm Tuesday.

The Debate on the Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure will commence on Wednesday, March 30th, 2022 from 10:00 am.

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  1. I am at a loss as to what the essence of this missive is. They made an accusation and have not brought forward any argument to back up their claim. Empty bottles make the most noise. And by the way, these UWP people “sann honnt” we!

    • The no the populace is simple and easily moved by silly headlines. It is psychological manipulation.

  2. A country with very limited resources struggling to survive that was to be expected. By now many intelligent and educated people know what SLP motives is. SLP criticized the UWP heavily just to get in power with no plans other than to try to destroy Allen Chastanet’s reputation with the st Lucian people.
    Politics is a game and those who do not know how it is played, I suggest they start learning because as it stands with all what is going on in the world right now life will only get worse.

  3. Both parties are just sickening. Get fresh ideas for goodness sake. You have young people giving ideas all the time yet you all stick in the old ways. Borrow here and borrow there for nothing profitable.

    Always a battle of who can steal more without being caught. Stop taking away from the island rather, see to it we can live better on this island.

    • Totally totally, phocking sickening. And we keep allowing them time after time, election after election , candidate upon candidate to get away with stealing from their own country, their own people. Wwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy

    • St. Lucia is the most environmentally conscious country. We keep recycling garbage time and time again in all positions of leadership. Take that Climate Change.

  4. If this government has to borrow it is based on the dismal fiscal mess Allen Chastanet left this country in. There is a seven billion hole to fill that was left behind, Pierre is an economist by trade not a shady business man I trust his assertive approach in getting the book balance and keeping St Lucia from facing our debtors in court. They can bitch all they want it’s call moping up after your ass.

    • Totally agree. On point. Many are pretending that they are not aware of the fiscal mess which was left by the last Allen Chastenet administration. That mammoth debt must be taken care of.

    • What’s your government name I already no where you from you old ass hacks people like you preventing young people from thriving keeping this country behind iymc

  5. These daily releases are starting to be farcical. A better approach would be to delay releasing any statement until something meaningful comes over the horizon. That way, it’s sure to grab attention.
    At the rate and quality this is heading, I can foresee what is ahead. “UWP reminds St. Lucians to drink water.” Another, “More St. Lucians breathed oxygen under UWP than Labor.”
    It’s always good to have a vibrant opposition party for the sake of efficiency. It seems UWP might be in shambles. Get it together.

  6. I’m not one to comment on political babble but did Chastanet just say that the 500 million is the largest budget in Saint Lucia history while stating he borrowed 1.6 billion. I have never laughed so hard in my life. Didn’t Chastanet do math and accounting in his so called degree. Mr. Ex PM 1.6 billion is larger than 500 million in fact 500 billion is more than 50% less than your previous borrow. I had to read the article 4 times to make sure what I was reading and understanding is correct. Anyway back to reading and laughing at comments.

    • It is obvious that you have a problem understanding what you read @WOW! The article states that the PM budget to be presented is $1.8bn (which makes it the largest in SLU history); with an estimated borrowing of $500m. The former administration’s budget in 2021-2022 was $1.6bn. There is a difference between the budgets ($1.8bn and $1.6bn) referenced in the article and the borrowing ($500m).

      If you want to make any meaningful contribution to the articles presented, please read them more than “4 times” to make that your understanding of what you were trying to read was correct. Perhaps if you stopped laughing while you were read, that might have helped! Read it 4 more times and repost your response.

  7. Some people who do not know what is going on in St Lucia should keep quiet instead of making foolish statements. The Labour Party used a lot of lies to deceive voters to win the election. They deserve to be exposed every time. Further, it is the UWP that has developed St Lucia over the years, not Labour. Get Pierre to identify Labour Party achievements over the years apart from NCB, Darren Sammy Grounds and Bordelais. All they have consistently given us is the STEP programme which benefits mainly their supporters. Look at what UWP did in places like Soufriere, Choiseul, Anse la Raye Canaries in just three years. You could call Chastanet names all you want he was a great leader who had a vision just like Compton. He made promises and kept them. You fools threw away $75,000 in medical assistance every year. Who does that?

    • All I saw from UWP was incomplete projects, horse race track, St Jude Hospital, roads Etc Etc after five years. What promises he kept when he is a renown LIAR. He could not complete St Jude Hospital where would he get all that money $75,000 per SLU for medical assistance. He can only fool a few including you.

  8. What I think is most important about taking a loan is the intended purpose, management of the funds and the ability to pay back. The management of funds would include accountability for every penny spent and the ability to make loan reproduce itself.

  9. Big deal sad losers UWP.

    Every press release sounding like primary school kids. ” They criticized us when we were in office for doing the same thing”

    Please come up with a new line.

  10. What did Chastanet do with all the millions he borrowed?
    Did he fix any road ? Did he build any school ? Did he build any factory ? Did he give out any scholarship?
    Please someone explain to the nation.

    • You may disagree with how he spent the money but to suggest he did nothing is just pure ignorance or biased. I can show you roads in Soufriere, Piaye, Gros Islet to name a few. Rehabilitation of the Choiseul Secondary School. Commencing the work going on in Cul d sac, the upgrading of the airport (which SLP has put to a stop). To name a few.

      • Flambeau stopped all SLP projects that were started including the government building in VF persons have to travel all the way up north to apply for documents. They stopped the projects because they couldn’t play around with the funds

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