UWP Says SLP Continues To Mislead, Lie To Saint Lucians Over US Security Cooperation

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The SLP Government continues to mislead and lie to Saint Lucians.
Once more, they have used the Press Secretary to deliberately lie to the public about the former UWP Government’s efforts to resolve the long standing issues as it relates to security cooperation with the Government of the United States of America.
Many of you may recall that the US would have imposed the Leahy Law on Saint Lucia back in 2013, which meant that our Police-force was banned from security related assistance from the United States.
On June 18th, 2021, we hosted a Press Conference which was live-streamed and covered by local media houses.
Present at this press conference was US Ambassador to Saint Lucia Her Excellency Linda Taglialatela who announced the easing of security related restrictions to our police force.
This easing of restrictions has resulted in our police being allowed to participate in the recent US Tradewinds Training exercise.
It is unfortunate yet not surprising that the SLP would deliberately lie on an issue as important as this, especially when there is substantial evidence in the public domain to refute their lies. What a shame!
In your free time, please take a moment to view the Press Conference with the US Ambassador from June 18th, 2021.
Source: United Workers Party
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  1. Lucian government has no shame sending 215.00 to the old and needy people accounts saying is benefits monthly but money never on time and how da hell does one live on 215.00 monthly in lucia? Likewise government have no shame giving essential workers 30 dollars bonus extra??? Tell me you sons of bitches how da hell can lucians live and yall bellies fat and houses large and yall committing more crime than the citizens themselves. Shameless Government….!!!!


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