UWP Tells Opposition Leader To Stop Spreading Lies

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Press Release:- The United Workers Party calls on the SLP to stop Spreading Lies and Propaganda as was the case in their latest address to the nation.

Philip J Pierre must ensure that he gets his facts right before he comes to the Saint Lucian public spreading more Lies and Propaganda.  

In his address last evening, the SLP leader claims that the government has not put into operation an electronic online portal or a contact tracing app in our COVID response.  This is a deliberate attempt to mislead the public 

Pierre should have known that from December of last year the government implemented an online portal and from January 18 of this year the government also implemented a bio-button and contact tracing app in the COVID-19 response for both visitors and returning nationals.  

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Pierre went further to say that there was no laptop programme when the fact is the Ministry of Education has distributed over 3000 eBooks to secondary schools, to vulnerable groups and is in the process of distributing a further 5000 eBooks.  Again, Pierre needs to get his facts straight and stop spreading lies! 

The UWP calls on Pierre to learn from his mistakes for instance when he misinformed the public about Prime Minister Allen Chastanet not attending a COVID-19 CARICOM meeting in Barbados when the evidence was clear that PM Chastanet was in fact at that meeting. 

Again, Pierre continues to mislead the public about the government borrowing money for COVID-19 and using for projects. 

Pierre needs to be reminded that all the funds for the various projects such as St Jude’s, The Hewannorra International Airport, Road rehabilitation projects, the WASCO dam desilting and WASCO storage project in Vieux Fort were all projects approved prior to COVID-19 and had source of funds aside from any IMF rapid respond facility.

Mind you these are all projects that Philip J Pierre failed to deliver on when he was the island’s deputy prime minister for 25 years and the Minister for Infrastructure. 

Pierre should be honest with the people and remind them that all borrowings go through parliament where he has access to the correct information, and he should stop spreading lies in the name of politics.

It is clear from his address that Pierre has no ideas on how to manage COVID or anything else and all he has said is a regurgitation of the failed policies of the SLP.

The constant lies and propaganda and the failure to show any form of leadership as our nation combats this pandemic clearly shows that the SLP is putting politics before people! 

Headline photo caption: Philip J. Pierre

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