UWP Urges Pierre Administration To Clarify Relief For Pensioners

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We remain concerned about the lack of Government relief measures for Saint Lucians affected by the rise in prices and the economic impact of the Covid pandemic.
In his Budget address the Prime Minister indicated relief for pensioners but singled out only “Government pensioners.”
The Prime Minister provided no details of the payout in his address and the wording left much to be desired.
Thousands of Saint Lucians who heard the announcement assumed this was extended to all pensioners as the Prime Minister provided no suitable explanation as to why only Government pensioners were eligible.
The public is confused by this decision to only assist Government pensioners with a cash payout when all Saint Lucians are suffering and many other Saint Lucians who have diligently paid to the NIC will not get this benefit.
The United Workers Party calls on the SLP to extend this to all pensioners.
Having already disappointed the public on so many fronts when it comes to their election promises, it sad that the small amount they are paying out they have singled out only a small group.
As I said in my Address to the Nation, Government Revenue is back to pre-pandemic levels and the Government can do more.
On top of that they are creating this rift between public and private sector workers by giving a cash payment to only Government pensioners.
I am again calling on the Prime Minister to deliver on his promises of providing Income Support to citizens who are feeling the squeeze from the daily increases in the cost of living.
Source: United Workers Party.
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Editorial Staff
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  1. The little pension that some people are getting cannot sustain their way of life. A ‘PENSION SCHEME’ with “ANNUAL INCREMENTS” should have been established years ago – regardless of the administration in charge.

    BOTH parties are to blame for lack of interest in pensioners, their livelihood and welfare. How can a pensioner who gets $500 a month be able to sustain themselves with a food/grocery bill PLUS utilities which are going up month by month.

    After reading the ridiculous comments – the commenters should really be blasting the poor economics of BOTH PARTIES!! All the political leaders are to blame – and they call themselves “Economiists” – my BFA!!

  2. 🤗 Which one is greater ?
    The one at the table ? Or the one who is serving (the servant ?
    Be reconciled,and do not split in fraction and conceived rebellion !
    ONE ❤️ LOVE

  3. The Prime Minster will be providing a grant green fig to pensioners . This will ensure that they eat more of what we grow and solve to economic situation we are in .

  4. When will that Livable wage be implemented? Will it be when we start seeing flies around our mouths? PJP you promised the livable wage,get on with it because this is way more important than y’all tit for tat nonsense y’all 2 USELESS parties have going on in SLU…Poor ppl are suffering,legitimate poor ppl,not those that claim to be poor but always have money for carnival costumes.

  5. LOCO, what did Chastanet do for the pensioners with the 600 million dollars he borrowed? All you really afraid of the massa

  6. Where and when did the SLP government state that they will be arresting all crooks within 100 days?

  7. My gawd this news online is really political and loves drama. Everyday it is about what Philip J Pierre or what Chastanet says.
    It is like we need an update on every point that a member of each party is making either on the facebook page or interviews. There are so much news to cover but SLT really love political drama. Yesterday it was what Maundy replied to Chastanet. The day before it was what UWP said about Joachim. Smh. Every week it’s the same ol same political drama and some of the same ridiculous commentary and insults in the comments sections.

    • @ THE UNKNOWN, I agree with you 💯%. All these news outlets in Saint Lucia are getting ridiculously repetitive with political news. If it is not SLP, it is UWP. If it is not UWP, it is SLP. Common now, this nonsense needs to stop.

      These politrickians do not have a care in the world for the citizens of this Failing State. Party after party and it is the same song “LIES” being sang by all.

      Saint Lucians need to wake up from their slumber and realise what is happening instead of fighting each other because they are of different political views.


  8. But this man was there for five years I wonder if he didn’t remember those same pensioners

    • You are still calling UWP crooks. After about a year, haven’t you realised you guys were fooled. Don’t you remember this government promised to arrest the crooks within 100 days? During his time pre covid he did increase the “social welfare” wage. He created sustainable employment especially for the youth. He helped the majority of those who were affected by the pandemic job-wise. Yes! he would definitely wouldn’t give relief to government pensioners and not NIC pensioners.

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