UWP Urges Probe Into Attempt At ‘Domestic Terrorism’ By SLP Operative

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The ruling United Workers Party (UWP) has condemned an attempt at ‘domestic terrorism’ by a ‘well-known operative’ of the opposition.

The UWP issued a statement Thursday which urged the police to investigate.

The statement did not name the individual.

It said the Saint Lucia Party (SLP) operative made the offending comments Wednesday night on social media.

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“Dear St. Lucia, House of Parliament is your Capitol Hill!!” The UWP quoted the Facebook post as saying.

The UWP statement was accompanied by a screen shots of that Facebook post, as well as others.

The party said the post came in the context of  a shocking news day around the world.

Live TV broadcast people invading the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

At the time the Senate was meeting.

It was ratifying the voting results in the recent US Presidential Election.

US media reports indicate that four people died amid the chaos.

Armed officers confronted mobs which invaded the Senate chamber.

The UWP said the Facebook statement by the SLP Operative follows constant allusion to violence in SLP rhetoric.

And it called on police to investigate ‘this very reckless and alarming statement.’

The ruling party said the statement was made without fear for the world to see.

But the UWP pointed to tell-tale signs on social media and conversations in public.

And the party observed that too often, these precede acts which resulted in violence and even death.

“Are we to wait for the worst case scenario before we take preventative measures?”

“These words are no less than the seeds to domestic terrorism,” the UWP declared.

The party accused the unnamed individual of exhibiting a pattern of such behaviour dating back a number of years.

However the party said there has not been a word of caution from the SLP.

“What happened in Washington, DC yesterday should cause us all to be wary,” the UWP said.

It also said people should be concerned about seemingly idle statements made by individuals whom the public know well.

The party called on the SLP leadership to disassociate themselves.

The UWP also urged them to condemn, in no uncertain terms, her statements.

The party described the statements as being nothing short of an attempt at domestic terrorism.

“This statement, and those made previously, cry out for police action,” the UWP declared.

IAs a result, the party also urged the loudest of condemnation by all Saint Lucians.

“Those words of incitement have no place in Saint Lucia,” the UWP declared.


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