Saturday, December 7, 2019

UWP Welcomes Largest Road Rehabilitation Programme In Saint Lucia’s History

Press Release:- The United Workers Party welcomes the largest single investment in Road Rehabilitation Project as announced by Prime Minister Hon. Allen Chastanet and Minister for Infrastructure Hon. Stephenson King in September of this year.

The UWP is especially happy to note that in keeping with our manifesto promise on page 18, neglected roads across most constituencies in Saint Lucia will benefit from much needed rehabilitation interventions with the US $42 Million Programme.

This major Road rehabilitation project is made possible due to the vision of our Political Leader and Prime Minister, in implementing the tax on fuel to facilitate Road rehabilitation in Saint Lucia.

Work has already commenced on the Cas En Bas road in Gros Islet, the Forestierre road, the Ti Morne road in Babonneau, Saltibus road in Choiseul and the recent commencement of the Belair road in Castries South East.

The party notes that in the coming days, major road rehabilitation work will commence in Dennery Village, Blanchard and Spring road in Micoud South and the New Development roads in Soufriere as announced by the Minster.

Upon completion of this extensive road rehabilitation project, over 82km of roads across the island would have been upgraded creating the largest road infrastructure upgrading project carried out in Saint Lucia since independence.

The UWP and its supporters again encourage the Prime Minister and his cabinet of Ministers to remain focused as they continue to expand and improve the infrastructure around the Island amidst the desperation and the propaganda being spread by the Opposition as a form of distraction in our quest of Building a New Saint Lucia.



  1. want to close the opositions mouth just get down to doing things that all the comunity need Roads have been neglected for many years,and many so badly built that they have fallen to pieces before time.Just get it done and we back you up,and for those that dont agree,calladito please.

  2. St .Lucia is heading down the 82km plus of roads to the ( IMF ) International monetary Fund . MARK MY WORDS it is a prophecy that MUST be fulfilled irrespective of which party that comes to power .Administration after administration has allowed the little resources of the country to be squandered, laundered , abused , misused ,stolen , wasted, we will become 2nd class citizen in our own country .This is what we will be leaving for our children, Debt and more Debt and nothing to show for it. MARK MY WORDS 03.12. 2019 .

  3. If they claim they are building ” A New St Lucia ” then you do for EVERYBODY NOT JUST FOR SOME this how you keep you opposition quiet and you even win their supports over, but NO politricks as usual is the order of the day cronyism and nepotism is the order of the day. I said already if they reach VF South I will be amazed. Drive on St Jude’s or Old St Jude’s Highway you better get ready to replace your front end

  4. In order for this project to be completed it must not be in the hands of Guy. Everyone knows the reputation of this man. By the way who made this statement about this project is it Chastanet? If it is himm I will not believe because this man tells too many LIES. Soufriere people said Chastanet has an MOM degree. Masters of manatee.

  5. Road Destruction Programe .The Atlantic Ocean Roads have not been Mentioned at all The Millennium Road.The West Coast .and the Gros .Islet Road from the Junction of Gros.Islet to Cap.Estate


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