Vaccines Stop Sneaky Bugs

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by Dr. Andre R. L. Matthew MD – General Practitioner, Concerned Citizen

Like the trojan horse, some microbes use deception to invade unsuspecting and unprepared immune systems. In covid-19, the sneaky coronavirus penetrates lung tissue and replicates rapidly, often resulting in pneumonia, multiple organ failure, and death. Vaccines provide effective protection from such dangerous bugs. 

When covid vaccines are administered, harmless particles which resemble the coronavirus, are delivered into the shoulder muscle. This prompts the now “sensitized” immune system to prepare for any future coronavirus infections by increasing white blood cell and antibody production. The sensitized immune system is well armed, vigilant, and fully capable of stopping the coronavirus in its tracks. 


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No two persons are the same. Consequently, our reactions to food, medicines and other substances vary widely. The ordinarily harmless peanut, for example, results in scores of deaths annually and countless visits to emergency departments. 

Medicines are engineered to maximize benefits while keeping adverse effects at a minimum. The highly effective covid vaccines, which have been credited for saving countless lives and reopening businesses, have admittedly resulted in rare cases of blood, heart, and nervous system ailments. However, these side effects are so rare that the chance of dying from the vaccine is less than the chance of being struck by lightning. 

Hence the continued insistence by health authorities around the globe, to get in line and get immunized, confident that the potential benefits will far outweigh any risks. 


We all know the adage, “too much of anything is good for nothing”. Vitamin A is important for vision but taken in excess may lead to blindness, and water is vital, yet overconsumption depletes the electrolytes and can be lethal. Feeling self-assured must also be measured, for as the Bible warns, “pride comes before the fall”. 

Conspiracy theories – (claims that Bill Gates aims to take over the world, like cartoon characters “Pinky and the Brain”), superstitious beliefs – (the vaccine is the Mark of the Beast) and reliance on medicines which are not approved to treat covid – (like the antiparasitic ivermectin), are all an Achilles heel, exploited by the sneaky coronavirus to spread and kill. 

Alas! Economies have collapsed, schools closed, and millions have buried their parents, coworkers, pastors, priests, and friends. 

Citizens are admonished not to take this pandemic lightly. Instead, adhere to the protocols, get vaccinated and help put an end to covid-19. We can, we must, by God’s Grace, let us!

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