Valerie Albert Fevrier’s Husband, Son Serve Notice Of Claim Against Local Surgeon

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The husband and son of the late Valerie Albert Fevrier have announced formal notice of a claim against a local surgeon involved in her medical treatment.

The announcement came in a statement Wednesday.

The complete statement appears below:

Today marks one year since the death of founding Director of Helen Television System, Valerie Albert Fevrier. Miss Albert as she was affectionately known succumbed overseas after local medical interventions here proved inadequate.

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Today the husband and son of Miss Albert are honoring her memory and speaking out on efforts to hold accountable members of the medical profession.

“We wish to announce today that we have served formal notice of a claim against a local surgeon who was involved in the medical treatment of my wife. We believe that his actions- or lack thereof – resulted in her death. We believe that the standard of medical care practiced by him in her treatment fell far below the minimal acceptable standards, even for a small third world country like St. Lucia.”

Our actions will not bring her back, but in keeping with statements we made a year ago, we believe that medical professionals need be held accountable when they fall short.

We believe some of these doctors need to be re-certified and renew the Hippocratic oath. There are too many cases which go unreported and unchallenged.

If anything, we hope that this case will go a long way in holding medical professionals more accountable.

As part of the process, we are also lodging a formal complaint with the Medical Council.

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  1. @C-wiz Prehistoric people practiced medicine and surgery too – 30,000 years before the “black” Egyptian Imhotep; Archaeologists have found remains in Indonesia which showed surgery and recovery of individuals (specifically amputation) dating back 31,000 years. Who knows what colour they were – brownish?! Also fyi Ancient Egyptians ranged from black to brown to fair depending on the regions they came from BUT more importantly they did not identify by colour but by Region! Please stop bringing skin colour into every topic to suit your own aims. Racism runs both ways in case you can’t see the hypocrisy of your “argument”…

  2. It’s about time Doctors and nurses be held accountable for the poor medical service they give to patients. There are so many other cases, thatvfir lack of money or name, the families accepted whatever was concluded. The Doctor cover up for each other and therefore, proving their malpractice is unheard of.

  3. @ Pursue Justice you are on point with your comment. The folk in the Caribbean hold physicians and lawyers in such high esteem – it’s SERIOUSLY ridiculous. I work in healthcare and even if I did not…I ask questions and in addition I conduct research on EVERYTHING.
    “No one will pull the wool over my eyes” I don’t care what POSITION you hold.

    My mom passed away in 2019 and our family had two healthcare advocates within the family who met with the team of doctors for review of her entire medical record and healthcare decisions on an ongoing basis-thank GOD we no longer reside in St. Lucia. We did not leave no stone unturned. I requested and possess my mom’s records to this day. The healthcare practitioners in St. Lucia need to be governed by a medical board outside of St. Lucia for ongoing review, training, continuing medical education. NO ONE should have that much power that they are above safe regulatory healthcare practices.

  4. I see logic in their course of legal action and applaud them for seeking redress. I also wish that TRUE justice prevails. This situation in question compelled me to recall the loss of my cousin during the craziness which took place at the time when COVID-19, The CMO and the THEN Pm were ruling St.Lucia. My cousin stayed four working days at home due to chest pains which he self diagnosed as “Gas”. It was a very unusual occurrence for him to have been confined to his home for days consecutively without at least visiting his workshop. All this time at home he spent it in the company of his partner, son, daughter, son- in- law and grand daughter. They interacted closely as a household. His condition began to worsen and his chest pains got more intense. He inevitably requested a visit to the Gros Islet Polyclinic for medical treatment. There he was diagnosed for having a cardiac event by two on duty doctors. His blood pressure was alarmingly high as was his blood sugar. Not being able to use the ” heart machine” due to dysfunction the doctors indtructed that the patìent be rapidly mounted on an ambulance and dispatched to OKEU where the expected heart machine would be utilized for a comprehensive diagnosis. At OKEU the first treatment administered was a covid rapid test which returned positive much to the surprise of the family. Without any hesitation he was despatched to the respiratory hospital (VH) where he was literally jailed for two days. He received absolutely no attention nor treatment for the primary diagnosis of the doctors who made the wise decision to send him to a better health facility, so they thought. Little did they know that they were despatching that patient to his “death by negligence.” At VH the family would three times per day bring him breakfast, lunch and dinner but they cannot see him and his condition. They were only able to contact him via his cell phone. He remained in there for two and was found dead in the bathroom on the third day.. Real dramma began after his death. Questions were being asked by family and friends and those responsible refused to provide response. Two days after the death police acting on the instructions of the CMO visited the family to escort everyone to the government quarantine institution at Starfish Rodney Bay. None of them had been contacted prior for testing in regards to being in contact with the patient at home but he stayed at the health institutions four days. If he was truly positive why delay the contact tracing? The family would have by then shown symptoms but that was not the case. With some resistance from the family and political intervention the police retired on the basis that the family would subject themselves to house quarantine for fourteen days which they agreed. Fourteen days elapsed and not one member of that household fell ill with COVID-19 neither was any test done to prove infection. Suspicions were aroused big time and the family requested an autopsy to determine cause of death seeking a second opinion to COVID-19 which was ruled by the doctor at VH. In response they indicated that the CMO has total authority as to what happens to covid deaths. Therefore there will be no autopsy and it will be a sealed casket funeral. In hind sight this was nothing but a damn “COVER UP.” They knew how badly they messed up causing the death of this young 49 years old man who based on appearance they underestimated. In addition the level of neglect was blatant. Food and clothes brought to VH for the patient were not reaching him. Doctors did not visit him apart from a nurse who would briefly check his pressure and sugar levels. He died in the very same attire he visited the Gros Islet Polyclinic, four days after. The new death certificate issued sited cardiac event secondary to COVID-19. It is sad and criminal the behavior of some doctors in this land. Like any other profession some are genuinely doing their best to improve the quality of health and to save lives and i salute them.
    Good luck and let AUNTY VALERIE’S memory live on.

  5. Good luck with this claim. I hope you can take it as far as legally allowed. Too many of our medical practitioners feel they are superior to the very public they took an oath to serve. I have lost a family member to medical negligence and this was more than two decades ago. To this date very little has been done by our legislative system to bring justice to medical malpractice. This needs to be changed and I hope this will be the turning point.

  6. This SO SAD BUT TRUE. I have had several friends die that were misdiagnosed and given wrong treatment.

  7. It’s about time someone stood up to these medical professionals. In St Lucia, some of them feel like the have arrived and treat the public with disdain. I remember a particular medical consultant that seemed to walk on air. The ground was not good enough for him to step on. I support Mrs Albert’s family in pursuing the course of justice. Time the quality of medical care improve on the island. Hopefully this will set a precedent for those to come.

    On another note and a point of correction. Hippocrates whom they say was the father of medicine and hence the Hippocratic oath being said by medical/surgical professionals on initiation into the profession is a lie that has been told to the point is has stuck in the world’s consciousness. A lie just like religion. And today I will put a 15 inch nail in it. Let those who read this know the truth.

    The true father of medicine is Imhotep. A black Egyptian who practiced medicine almost 2000 years before Hippocrates was born. He wrote on conditions and methods of medical/surgical procedures that are still being used today. EVIDENCE? well dear reader, I present to you the Edwin Smith Papyrus (in some American museum somewhere). Do a Google search and one will see That this papyrus clearly shows that Imhotep was practicing medicine way before Hippocrates’ parents even thought of conceiving him and their parents before that, and their parents before that ad infinitum…So the lie that persist has tried to steal and hide black Africa’s history. In fact it was a deliberate attempt by racist to hide the truth. And mind you, neither did Pythagoras invent his Pythagorean theorem, the plagerist learned that in ancient Egypt under the gaze of the Egyptian priests…Plato, Socrates, Archimedes and a whole load of them too numerous to mention studied in Black Ancient Egypt but history has tried to cover up that fact due to racist Europeans who wanted to steal black history for themselves and erase Black contribution to the world. Well the lie is no more. Know thy history dear friends and you shall know thyself.

      • @SMH. Your simplistic comment leaves much to be desired. One would think if you wanted to say something or anything of note, you would at least make the effort and elaborate some more. I never say anything for which I don’t have undeniable evidence. I can back up my comments with undeniable and irrefutable evidence. In other words, I know what I am saying. However it’s up to everyone to believe what they want, whether to live a lie and carry on blindly. As for me, I seek truth and live life by these truths.

      • c-wiz wait for your blind truth..ppl like you never cease to amaze me…tell u all the sky blue and you would still ask why when where??? so elaborate on WHATT??

      • @SMH
        Yes…if someone told me the sky was blue, I would not just drink it blindly. I would want to know why the sky was blue, how is it blue, what made it blue..this is how one learns by questioning things, by digging as deep as one can to fine more information, not just accepting things as they tell you without interrogating what you are taught.


    • hence the reason I say more than 8 million times we supported the botham jean and george floyd mishaps but refuse to take to the streets for our own…its time we learn to stop the talk and start walking the walk…..if we stood in solidarity and take our faces and voices to the streets alot of these nonsense would not happen…..its not only money we need to demand respect…..if we had stood like how the unvaxxed workers stood against their employers then some things would change here for the better……..but some lucians deh wana imitate the American life gossip and look for roro at its finest…its time we stand up against these doctors…im happy for the family to take action

  9. This is a good course of action – I wish the complainants every success. The medical fraternity needs to be held accountable. Preventative medicine should also be examined very closely in St Lucia, especially for mental health. It would help stop suicides and violence which are devastating for both the individuals concerned, their families and their communities. From personal experience, I know that a more professional course of intervention could have prevented a loved one’s death. Anyone who has lost someone, when it could have been prevented through good medical care, knows how devastating that can be, such as the family of Miss Albert. All good wishes to them. While we should show respect, we must also stand up for our rights, ask questions and pursue justice. Doctors are not Gods.

  10. I am happy that thia family is doing this. Most of us go through this and because of lack of funds let it go. I lost my daughter 2 months ago and I know it is due to their malpractice. I support this family all the way. Make an example out of them.

  11. and thats why we as st lucians jus sit idly by and talk too dam much……it upsets me….let stand with them in solidarity…..tomorrow it can be anyone of us and our family……..lets learn to stand for what is right against many things that happens in this slu place……learn to stand up for our rights…and ask questions in every situation whether we are smart or not……when we go to doctor ask every question in the book for our own safety…

  12. And so it begins…I look forward to the pre-trial discovery process with regards to the malfeasance of the CMO & SLMDA, surrounding their collusion with the WHO & Big Pharma in violating the rights of the general populace of St. Lucia, during the Covid-19 scamdemic!

  13. Good for them. I support Mr. Fevriere & family. Some of them studied just fir the money and most times do not know they are doing. Some of them only know the theory but the practical is a challenge for them.

    • There’s allot of “mercy killings” at medical facilities in st Lucia… most of the doctors needs to be evaluated by an INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITION BOARD…. most of them are FAKE!!!

  14. Wow. Finally someone has the nerves to challenge our medical system! Good luck! Sometime last year, my colleague lost her baby through Mal practice at our newest local hospital. Up to this day,she cannot return to work. The death certificate issued ’cause of death ‘ as ‘unknown’. Her family immediately contacted their attorney for counsel. He said’ trust me, no doctor will go against the Medical Association ‘ That statement was the end of the claim. Really sad.


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