Vandals Wreak Havoc In Gros Islet Park

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Vandals recently went on the rampage in the Gros Islet Park, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake and prompting calls for the perpetrators to face the full force of the law.

“We were called to say that somebody had vandalised the park. By the time the Mayor got there the Mayor realized that the benches made out of bricks were broken, the tables were all off their stands – some of them were broken and there were some wooden benches, they as well were broken,” Deputy Mayor of Gros Islet Sharon Ephraim disclosed.

The Deputy Mayor believes those responsible may have used a sledge hammer to break the objects.

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She also said some of the park fencing closest to the post office was down, while clay tiles in the gazebo had been broken as well.

“Also, when we looked up inside the gazebo – the ceiling area, we noticed a lot of mud spots. It looks like mud balls were sent in various places in the ceiling,” Ephraim told St Lucia Times. 

She described the act of vandalism as extremely sad.
“Here you have the park, trying to beautify it for the residents of Gros Islet, families, friends and to see people would come and vandalise the park. The question is why? People come in the park, they recreate, people bring their children there, there are some swings,” the Deputy Mayor noted.

Ephraim appealed to people to take ownership of public facilities and treat them as their own.

“Where is your national pride?” She asked.

Ephraim explained that due to what transpired, money which is already hard to come by that could have been put to other uses to benefit the people of Gros Islet, would now have to go towards repairing the damage.

“Obviously we cannot leave the park like that,” she lamented.

‘We want to send a strong message to the perpetrators that we will not accept that behavior. They need to know that if we find anyone vandalising anything in Gros Islet in the park or anywhere else, they will be called to account, and justice will prevail,” Ephraim told St Lucia Times.

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  1. I hope you’ll remember hate crime started with slp. Based on what you encourage, end result won’t be different.

  2. Oh please Sharon we all know you’re not a saint there. People please don’t encourage discourse. This is what I saw you do and your cabals when you followed prudent to his home all dressed in red. Why do this and today you want to talk about vandalizing like you’ll have been angels. I condone this behavior this is why we don’t go forward. It is time we all out country before politics. Start with “ stop hurting each other and then we can move on to vanity.

    • Lucians y’all is boss everything is political for y’all
      Where is that prudent comment coming in there some of you people are even more dangerous than the perpetrators smh

  3. Shoot on sight! These lunatics can’t be left to roam. What if someone tried to stop him?

  4. There is a difference between insanity and wickedness. When the acts are committed during the darkness of the night it’s WICKEDNESS.

  5. YOu say they are of unsound mind yet you want to bring them to justice. I hope by justice you mean treatment at the wellness centre.

  6. These perpetrators are of unsound minds. No sane person would engage in such wanton destruction. Every patriotic St. Lucian should assist the police in bringing these hooligans to justice. No stone should be left untouched until these rogues are behind bars and off the streets.

  7. i agree with you ms Ephraim and when you get them send them to fight the war in Russia and Ukraine cause it seems their hands are good at destroying things

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