Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Vehicle Collides With Horse At Gros Islet

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A vehicle collided with a horse Wednesday evening, prompting an ambulance response from the Gros Islet fire station.

The horse rider and a passenger at the back of the pick up van sustained injuries.

But fire service spokesman, Damian Jn Baptiste says all persons involved refused transportation.

He said they also signed  release forms.

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Jn Baptiste disclosed that the accident occurred at Cas En Bas, Gros Islet on Wednesday.

And emergency personnel responded at 6.40 pm.

There were no details regarding what happened to the horse.

The Animal Act of the Revised Laws of Saint Lucia, 2013, addresses riding animals in the public way.

It says a person shall not ride any horse or other animal so as to endanger the life or limb of any user of the public way.

In addition, it says a person shall not pass or turn any horse or other animal on the public way or cross any public way at a ‘rapid or dangerous pace.’

Violators  are liable on summary conviction to a $500 fine.

The President of the Beausejour Community Group of Gros Islet says horse riding and stray animals are a source of concern to residents.

“We are mindful of the animal act,” Jim Joseph told St Lucia Times.

He noted that the act speaks to the responsibility of animal owners.

It also addresses matters pertaining to those affected by stray animals and the rights of property owners.

Joseph said the Beausejour Community group is working with the Veterinary and Livestock Division on an education campaign.

They are also  working on steps to deal with the animal problem.

Joseph explained that the authorities set up an animal pound late last year.

He said it is now possible to take stray animals there.

However, Joseph expressed the view that dialogue is important.

He explained that dialogue between the community and animal owners would help ensure compliance.

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