Thursday, October 17, 2019

Vehicle Overturns After ‘Well Dressed’ Youths Steal It In Castries

‘Well dressed’ young men calmly stole a vehicle from Sans Souci Saturday morning about 1.05 am, an eyewitness says.

The eyewitness, who spoke to St Lucia Times on condition of anonymity, said the thieves were ‘regular young men’ who were ‘ well dressed’.

The Mitsubishi Sportero pickup was found a few hours later overturned on the road to Monchy.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, four youths were involved in the theft.

The eyewitness said one of them was dressed in white with a backpack on his back.

“They were well groomed – no mask.”

The eyewitness suspects that the thieves had access to a key for the vehicle.

Police were alerted to the theft and were able to identify the Sportero after residents in the North of the Island reported the crash.

The pickup reportedly did not have an alarm.

Just this week bandits partially stripped a vehicle that was parked on the Morne Du Don road.

The flabbergasted owner told St Lucia Times that he was in a quandary to determine how the thieves were able to bypass a fairly sophisticated alarm system and not be seen by neighbours and passers-by.



  1. I will not be surprised if it is four “good” boys who stole the vehicle. Now if they were shot and killed by law enforcement will their mothers all say that their good boys, who are now bad men, are innocent?

    • Good point The Commentator. It is amazing the bad things some youths think about and do, when that brain power could be used for positive things to uplift themselves and the nation. I hope they get caught . If they are under age, then their parents should have to pay restitution; in addition to some jail time and some licks for the youths. If they are over 18, then they pay restitution, and they get jail time and licks.

  2. We are all good,till we comit the crime.Thats the way it is. And our mothers will swear over the cross that we were excelent children allways went to church every Synday morning, uncapable of comiting any crime .But when we were dragged to the police station,and brought to court,because they say we raped that minor in the neighbourhood,because she was a slut .Our mother would say she was a cheap prostitute,looking to make some money,and take advantage of us.

    This is the kind of language we hear in court every day.

  3. Y’all sound soooo ignorant and dumb. Should have died in the crash? Well that’s not what the punishment is for grant theft auto in Saint Lucia. You can’t even get the proper legal sentence right, and I doubt any of you are lawmakers. This is why there’s still no hospital. Government knows they can do that to you easy and worst that gonna happen to em, is you all might post some angry comments about it. Get up and fix the country. There’s more of you than the powers that be (pffft). I want my kids having a future. Don’t let this island waste into oblivion. Revolt

    • You sound like a woman. And we know how black women love to protect the criminal wrong doer. Lol stop acting like your mother and return to your father.

  4. Well Dress fools .That’s how they Dress to Commit Crime .When they receive the Rightful treatment their people always say he was a good boy not involve in no Gang and Criminal Activity .


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