Velon John Urges Creative Draconian Measures To Address Gun Crime

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Former Home Affairs and Legal Affairs Minister Velon John believes that one component in dealing with unlawful possession of firearms is deterrence achieved only through ‘creative draconian measures.’

John, who has served as a Magistrate, delivered an address dubbed ‘Crime A Certain Perception’ amid an upsurge in violent crime in Saint Lucia, which has seen the country chalk up a record in the number of homicides.

The former Laborie MP asserted that there should be no bail for unlawful possession of firearms.

John expressed that once law enforcement authorities arrest someone, they should detain the offender until the court date.

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And the Attorney at Law indicated that once there is a conviction, imprisonment should be mandatory.

“In this regard, there should be two ‘periods’ of time and one ‘type’ of time—five years and ten years in one instance and “hard time” in the other,” the former Minister stated.

Explaining what he meant by ‘hard time’ John declared that there should be no intervention such as for good behaviour.

John said there are two considerations – that Saint Lucia is in a state of crisis and guns kill.

Noting that there have been and will be gunfights in the heart of local communities, the former Minister said the Police must be in the vanguard of what he described as ‘these ballistic encounters.’

But he lamented that to date, the Police had failed miserably.


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  1. One of the main problems is statistics hasn’t landed on the doorstep of those ministers…UWP or SLP so hence they don’t give a rat pwel who dies in the street…check the statistics, poor,young and unemployed youths under the age of 25 are killing each other…this is a real opportunity for PJP to prove himself of how much he is for #Puttingthepplfirst…..mi tiyad fe see poor mothers bawl pon mi TV..mi tiyad fi see another young ghetto yout ah drop..make haste RF and PJP,afterall y’all have close ties with somany topAtop gangsters…pay the top gangsters to take control of those senseless frogs and bring in the guns..I know they can do may sound ridiculous but the gov’t need to facilitate a budget to accommodate this venture…this has a cost but one life is priceless.

  2. I think the only way to tackle so much gun violence problems is to go back to the basics of life. Introduce religious knowledge classes in preschool and in all schools. God is the answer to all our problems. We need more prayers and we need to learn to respect eachother. Let’s create a better generation to come.

  3. For any of that to take place government has to change their ways completely…and at the rate I see they going is only getting worse… so dispite they enact these laws nothing will change they’ll just richer while criminals make the streets theirs…

  4. The issue here is not guns but drugs. When containers of drugs are ignored. How can law enforcement detect small entities like guns? Is there anywhere in the world where drugs are transported without guns?

  5. If that was being Done at fhe Courts in St.Lucia .I am not saying there wouldn’t be gun Violence but Criminals would not Take Chances with illegal Firearms

  6. Absolutely correct, Mr John! I have been preaching almost the same for quite a few years. I favor slightly more time.
    If rates of detection, apprehension, and prosecution are low, deterrence is the next arrow in the quiver.

  7. The cure for a virus is the death of the virus. No one can deny that . On the other hand,I am delighted that someone qualified, is finally speaking the truth about the reality of and the solution for the gun problem. This is urgent and should be acted upon ASAP.

  8. Am I having a verbal diarrhea? Where have this Santa been. When you were born in the time of catapult what can u say about gun

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