Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Vending Huts Along Jeremie Street, Castries Ravaged By Fire

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Early on Wednesday morning, firefighters from the Saint Lucia Fire Service Headquarters responded to a fire report along Jeremie Street, Castries, and found vending huts near the taxi stand on fire.

Emergency responders said they received a distress call about 1:50 am.

An official disclosed that the fire did extensive damage to two of the huts and also charred the external wall of one of the CDC apartment blocks. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

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There are no further details at present.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. I’m guessing Richie the pitbull will give dem a full hundred speedy recovery!..i sense a trick and a plan….where ever he is very meticulous and well calculated plots get arched.

  2. There is never a dull moment in St Lucia and more so in Castries and even more so when Richard is the Parliamentary Representative. Can’t imagine what could have set these huts on fire and why at that time and not during daylight. Just my curiosity I suppose. We really need a mindset change or we will be doomed.

  3. Sadly the blight goes on; there must be a curse on this Island, or is it only in the Castries area. A few days ago it was in the Marchand area, where is it going to be next? it is not so much a very merry Christmas, with shootings, road accidents, violence against each other(Lord God we need your help now)

  4. The Mayor and Councilmen are local M.P. past and present are all complicit, for the Votes. I understand quite well the little guy must strive to make a living, but do it in a planned, respectful manner, otherwise the result will repeat itself like it did in 1948. Let me remind you, that the great fire which destroyed Castries was started, right there, around a radius of 100 ft. is someone trying to say something to you? It started in a little hut, run by Mr. Adams a Tailor in his Tailor shop, A small fire transformed Castries from wooden houses to the C.D.C. of today, but the mentality still lingers on.(Father God, Please help us) .

  5. I hope the items in the hut were insured. The owners must be very heartbroken at this time. It’s sad when things of that nature happens especially in this critical time that we are living in. I hope relief comes swift for the owners and they can recover soon.

  6. Too many of these in the city and in very close proximity of each other. This is what I always fear will happen one day. Stop building these plywood huts all over the city. Look now many lost their belongings and will rely on government again to start over because these huts are not insurable.

      • Indeed it is. All our leaders and all our technocrats travelling the world over with all their fancy degrees and this is all they can come up with. Embarrassment is too kind a word.

  7. It had to be jealousy I presume. It’s a serious disease in St. Lucia. They can’t just hate in the corner, they have to destroy you, and to accomplish what? Haineux suh valĂ©

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