Vendors Association Wants Fair Deal For Assou Square Vendors

The Vendors Association has called on the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) to stop what was described as the council’s ‘unconscionable’ treatment of Assou Square vendors.

Association President, Peter ‘Ras Ipa’ Isaac said he would like to see the CCC offer vendors one package, instead of a flat rental rage plus a fee for every cooler as was the case last year.

“You were not paying for one space, you were paying for different things you had – the containers you had to sell your goods,” Isaac told St Lucia Times. 

He expressed the view that the measure was ‘grossly unfair’ to vendors.

“The reality is that you rent vendors a space and let them pay for the space that you are renting them, but the situation that you had was that you pay for the spot and then you pay for every other vessel or any other container that you had – the things that contained the goods you are selling. You had to pay for each one of them,” the Vendors Association President stated.

“That is grossly unfair and heartless and that is what I want to be addressed,” he asserted.

Isaac recalled that there have been a number of booths that were not occupied by vendors.

He expressed the view that the City Council should be a lot more accommodating when dealing with persons who are trying to survive in tough economic times when unemployment is very high.

Isaac explained that some of the persons who are unemployed may not be counted because once someone is not looking for work, they are not registered in the ranks of the jobless.

“That is the mechanism that is used to measure the unemployment situation,” he stated.





  1. Very reactive Ipa. It happened 1 whole year ago and you said nothing. The CCC work within a budget and may not be changeable at the 11th and a half hour. If you had the interest of the vendor it should have been dealt with earlier. I find this decision of the CCC is fair to vendors especially those who cannot afford many cooler like some. The flat rate recommended may affect the small vendors.

    • Are you serious? That policy by CCC where vendors pay twice for on spot is outrageously ridiculous. Why squeeze the little man and woman like that? You, “TELLING THE TRUTH ” your comments are disgusting and most idiotic. Blame the CCC for this heartless policy not IPA. This policy amounts to sinfulness. Robbing the poor struggling set of people who are just trying something to put bread on the table for their families. How do these policy makers sleep at nights? They have no conscience.

  2. So they pay for tent,and then extra on the coolers they have for the cold drinks,and for food if they are cooking.I will never go back to Assou Square,gone are the good days,of grills and creole food.I rather stay at home with a big KFC meal,safe and cheaper.

  3. All the talk tell us what you have to pay for the famous tent? and what they want to charge for the extras,and brake it down,talk sence not vague bla,bla.So that we can finish with this nonsence.

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