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Vendors ‘Happy’ Over Temporary Relocation, Support Market Redevelopment

Provisions market vendors were Sunday busy preparing to commence operations on Monday at their temporary new location.

Some were painting up their stalls  and other paraphernalia in readiness for business at the former location of the headquarters of the Saint Lucia Fire Service on Jeremie Street.

“I feel good about it. Sometimes you live with a man for ten years and you don’t want to leave that man and when you get another one you say ‘Oh, I should have left that man a long time ago’,” Jane Joseph, who said she has been a vendor for 26 years, told St Lucia Times.

Jane Joseph – Vendor

Joseph said she feel good about the temporary relocation.

But she told St Lucia Times she could not predict what sales would be like.

“Only one pedestrian crossing we have there – I don’t know. Later I will tell you about it, if I like it or not. But for now it’s good,” Joseph explained.

She said other vendors felt the same.

Joseph also welcomed the planned redevelopment of the Castries Market.

“I passed there a while ago and everything in a mess and if everything change, it will be good.”

Joseph’s colleague Vera James shared her sentiments.

“We have to make a new market, so I am happy about it. I need a roof over my head. So long I taking sun and rain. It’s time for we to have a change in Saint Lucia – we need a new market,” she said as she applied paint to some items.

Veronica Louisy exclaimed that she loved the temporary relocation.

Veronica Louisy – Vendor

“I call it New Jerusalem,” she told St Lucia Times.

Asked about the potential for sales in the new location, Louisy asserted that whatever God has in mind for someone, nobody can take away.

“If you have to get the sale, you will get the sale in Jesus name,” she declared, adding that the redevelopment of the Castries Market is a good idea.

Last week the office of the Mayor of Castries announced that the necessary preparations, including installation of security lockers and washroom facilities, were complete at the temporary location.

It was also announced that each vendor had been given a $500 relocation stipend.

The Communications Manager at the Castries Constituency Council (CCC), Jason Hullingseed told St Lucia Times he had visited the location from which the vendors will be operating temporarily for about three months and responded to some of their queries.

“I am very pleased that it is coming along in terms of the transition and most of them had positive things to say,” Hullingseed stated.

He said he was very pleased with the cooperation from the vendors.

Hullingseed explained that the idea was to make the vendors as comfortable as possible when they return to the new facility.

The Castries Market Redevelopment encompasses a state of the art food court, high-end air conditioned restaurants, a craft market, box park, viewing tower, entertainment area, meat and fish depots, duty-free shopping boutiques and much more.



  1. A revamp of the market is much needed and sounds promising, so far. I hope it all works out and will form part of a wider slum clearance programme that we desperately need for Castries, as our capital city.

    • Castries is an unplanned filthy mess. Bars downstairs people’s homes. Drains with decades old water. Garbage everywhere. As Fortuna said, it is the pit shop of the Caribbean and a bloody shame. Hope this works out.

  2. Ms Jane Joseph is a very pleasant sales person. I LOVE her character! She gives value for your money

    Ms Veronica Louisy I love your statement ” what god has for you is yours “… Even if you were to be placed in the sky ….god will provide. Nice that you all grabbed change and put god first. I pray that he multiples for you. Keep being positive

  3. This is exciting times ahead for the reorganization of the City of Castries. What better place to start. The Food Market, I am pleased that the Vendors are co-operating, that is a good sign. Next is the Cemetery and the Faud La Cheaud and the BANNANS Bay. We have to ensure that GateWay into Castries is most Welcoming.

    • I agree with you on this 100%. The GateWay needs to be clear and Welcoming indeed! That’s our Capital man. So much potential for true real estate and infrastructural developments. Some people don’t want change, but change brings with it room for economic development for all.

  4. Dear Mr. Mayor. This is my recommendation; that you have a pedestrian crossing directly in front of the temporary market in order to facilitate vendors as well as
    others. In that way persons would not have to go out of the way to the pedestrian lower down the road. Thank you for heading to this suggestion

    • Worst Idea possible, reason being our main road is Jeremie Street, traffic leaving and coming into town passes on that road. The crossing in front of La Place Carenage is already an issue that needs to be looked at…during the cruise-ship season it is chaotic far less adding another crossing.

      • Lol. Those people seem to have no idea how constant stops affect traffic flow. Pedestrian crossings add to that mess.

  5. And they say Chastanet not working. Chupse. Good for the city and the country. The man has vision. Five more years!! Five more years!!

  6. Hey Ipaaa, what do you have to quarrel about this time?The vendors are happy, do you still want quarrel about consultation?

  7. Honestly speaking am so glad that there’s no one to critisize or apposed to what’s going on in the city bravo to those who didn’t apposed … Good things last for those who wait cretisizing and complaining don’t make things easier nor better .. bravo bravo

  8. I see a pedestrian crossing nightmare. Traffic cops should be located in front of new location with stop signs to control traffic and Jaywalking .
    Can’t remember the last time I read a story in our news that most people agreed with. That’s a positive sign. New market need one floor for all restaurants and eateries.

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