Vendors To Be Relocated Next Week To Facilitate Market Redevelopment

Press Release:- The Castries Market Redevelopment Project is moving ahead with the commencement of phase one.

Effective Monday next week the Provisions Market Vendors will be temporarily relocated to the Old Fire Service Headquarters site on Jeremie Street. The necessary preparations, including installation of security lockers and washroom facilities, are now complete. On Wednesday May 14, 2019, the Office of the Mayor held a site visit with vendors, as part of ongoing consultations.

Each of the daily provisions vendors will receive a relocation stipend of EC$500.00 to assist with the temporary move. Vendors are also assured of 24 hour security, proper lighting and other amenities at the temporary site.

The aim is to ensure proper accommodation and market access for vendors, recognising that they are important players in trade and national development.

The Holiday Taxi operators have also been relocated to the left side of the William Peter Boulevard on cruise ship days, as well as to the Canaries bus stand adjacent to the La Clery Bus stop.

Motorists and the general public are encouraged to monitor the various traffic and directional signs posted for public safety.

The Castries Market Redevelopment Project will be officially launched next week.  It encompasses a state of the art food court, high-end air conditioned restaurants, a craft market, box park, viewing tower, entertainment area, meat and fish depots, duty-free shopping boutiques and much more.



  1. Kenny told me to oppose this, so i will oppose this. I have no mind of my own, I only see red and I repeat what they tell me to say without thinking. I…am a S.L.P supporter.

  2. A relocation stipend? To move 200 feet from where they are? Who are these jokers running the show in this country? Geez. No wonder we’re always running a deficit.

  3. This is progress – don’t oppose it. The ugly old Market got to go.
    When the new one is built, you will love it and a cool place to have a drink.


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