Venezuelan, Saint Lucian Charged For Money Laundering

A Venezuelan national and a Saint Lucian have been charged with money laundering in connection with a quantity of Euros and US currency, law enforcement sources have said.

The two were identified by law enforcement sources as Venezuelan Oliver Ortiz Sanchez, 36 and Saint Lucian, Denzel Rose, 27, a fisherman from La Clery.

According to information, the two were in possession of 70,200 Euros and $ US 4,721 when they were arrested by the police on a beach at Monchy on Monday.


  1. Thats just pocket money,Im checking about that beach.But hey get the juice out of these two,because you will get the clue to something bigger,with a lot more meat,and a few cops in the deal ,ja,ja

  2. Monchy has a beach?? Although the money amount is small – there is a bigger pot somewhere in the mix. These two are petty, but could lead to the bigger fish (on Monchy beach?).

  3. The Venezuelan gangs decided that they could not trust the locals,so now they have their representative,living here in St Lucia,he does all the comunication trafic,fixes dates,and locations of drops,amounts of drugs and handles the cash,he makes and recieves payments.This has been the modus operandi for at least three years now.This is a busines and many are making money.Il have to ask my granny for names and addresses.

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