Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Venus Cherry Criticises Finger Pointing On Crime, Urges Personal Responsibility

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RISE Saint Lucia Inc Chairman Dr. Venus Cherry has criticized the blame game relating to crime, amid a surge in gun violence.

And he has suggested that people ask themselves what their contribution is to crime-fighting.

“Every single one of us can point out and say ‘Gun violence – the problem’,” he told last week’s Police Insight programme on Choice Television.

But he asserted that no one has suggestions or solutions.

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“Blame the police, blame whichever government is in power – that’s it. The police not doing enough, the government not doing enough. That’s all we do – but no solutions. What are we doing? I take stock of myself and I ask, ‘Hey, Rastaman Cherry, what are you doing about it?’ The RISE Chairman stated.

“We know who the criminals are. We know the crimes they commit most times. Some people know where they hide the weapons. Some of those criminals are well-established – their network is vast,” Cherry declared.

He explained that as a result, those criminals get information when law enforcement determines that they are suspects and when the police are coming to get them.

“All that information is out there and I’m not saying stuff I don’t know. I am saying stuff that I know because I am on the ground every day,” Cherry declared.

The RISE Chairman said he knows individuals forced to leave their communities and relocate far away because they filed crime reports and their names were leaked.

“So they had to run,” he recalled.

According to Cherry, everyone laments about crime and violence in Saint Lucia.

However, he questioned those individuals’ contribution to the fight against criminal activity.

“You can only control the amount of effort you put in,” Cherry told Police Insight.

RISE Saint Lucia Inc, which he chairs, has been reaching out to students across the country to help them resolve conflicts and stay away from crime.

The not-for-profit NGO also provides marginalized families with meals and students with electronic devices, among other initiatives.

Cherry said because people trust the organisation and recognise what it is doing, Rise Saint Lucia Inc has attracted ‘overwhelming’ local and foreign support.

“RISE is doing a lot. But, sometimes, I wonder whether we are embarking on too much, ” he said.

Nevertheless, Cherry said he has a fantastic team.

Formed in Saint Lucia in 2007, RISE is dedicated to the healthy development of people, especially youth.


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  1. The man is right in what he says…Don’t you know who he is? He’s a DOCTOR so clearly he knows more than any of use without titles before or after our names.

  2. Mr. Cherry, stop embarrassing yourself and talking such foolishness. We all know that nothing you try Will work to stop crime. Jésus i

  3. Mr. Cherry could you please inform us on which university confered the doctorate on you and what you studied for the Dr. title? University records are publicly available for doctorates and still no sign anywhere of Venus Cherry doctorate. Please clear the air.

      • She is correct to ask. You can’t assume and claim a title without having wormed for it. You work for it, be proud, make it public, and celebrate. If you did not get a doctorate, tell the media house that you should not be addressed as such.
        If the man did not have a doctorate from either a credible, a no-name school, or somewhere, stop calling him doctor. Choops tun. Y’all Lucian like too much fake among y’all and when you all stick, you all crying. Give jack his jacket.

    • Here are the facts. Dr. Venus Cherry received his doctorate from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. An excellent university I may add.

  4. This guy seems to suffer from attention deficit disorder. He is trying hard to absolve those in power from their primary responsibility to protect life and property of the citizens.

    Many people have offered possible solutions to lower the escalating crime rate but are ignored by those in charge.

    Although every citizen has a role to play in bringing down the unacceptable high crime rate, the onus is on the government to lead the effort on this most important task.

    Dr. Cherry, the government has failed to galvanize the public support on crime. They have taken hardly any strategic and serious initiatives to bring relief to the country. They are just kicking the cash down the road.

    • @Vibz, Dr. Cherry is not the issue however crime is. Dr. Cherry isn’t trying to absolve or exonerate the government from reprimand but is able to analyze the crime situation with great clarity. It’s worth noting that he noticed something is off-kilter with the crime situation and has amplified the problems.
      You would agree that paralysis isn’t a plan and ambivalence isn’t a license to do nothing. Dr. Cherry I would argue has interpreted the crime situation unambiguously it’s the role of everyone else to change it. PM Pierre has to first restore legitimacy to moribund institutions by replacing longtime cronies with fresh, young faces.

  5. Really Cherry? “Some criminals are well-established – their network is vast” you said. Yet you would still want someone to say where they saw the criminals hide their weapons like the same criminals didn’t see them when hiding their stuff, I’m very sure they saw that witness. But yet witnesses names have been leaked? Somebody must of over heard the cops when they were talking.
    Govn’t plays a big role in how these weapons get to St. Lucia. Who pays the custom officials that allow those items with no name or address to get through? It could also be coming through Venezuela and some corrupt Trini officials get paid off then the boat makes a big turn round St Vincent straight to St. Lucia, thats another way criminals get weapons, our lackluster marine police don’t do overtime unless there paid.

  6. The dreaded, “dah mun dat reported you” is well-known drawback of making a police report. I think many people know it, hence their reluctance to provide information. I for one have never heard a police court appearance for airing official and confidential information. It probably falls under administrative review. If such reviews are occuring, they don’t seem to scare cops. Desir complains about public reluctance, unfortunately, he must clean his dirty laundry first in order to get cooperation. Dr. Cherry is correct with most of his evaluations.

  7. aa but i dont understand mate? so who he wants us to blame? arent those persons he mentioned the ones responsible to do their jobs? i understand we as a people have some part to play in it to but you answered your own question MR. Cherry when you said you know of individuals forced to leave their communities and relocate far away because they filed crime reports and their names were leaked. So nobody dont want to say nothing because they dont want their name to be leaked

  8. how did their name get leaked?? if u file a report and ur name gets leaked then we have a big problem in this country…secondly, dnt blame govt? so who to blame? we wanna get dogs that i dont know when i will see that 40 thousand in my salary so wat u expect the people to say??? now i wonder what kind of money these leaders using for their pleasure.


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