Verification Section Of Immigration Department Relocated

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In order to improve processing services at the current office, the verification section of the Immigration Department is now relocated.
As of Monday, August 22, 2022, persons seeking to submit passport applications are asked to do so at the Ward Building located on the corner of High Street and Chisel Street, Castries.
Applicants will then be provided with an appointment at the Immigration Department, for completion of the process.
Kindly note that no applications will be accepted at the Immigration Department on Bridge Street, Castries until further notice.
Detailed updates will be provided in due course. Thank you for your continued cooperation.
SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force
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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. To me Lucians are smarter than that—wonder if the people making decisions for the immigation dept. are lucians. I hope not–otherwise I am so ashamed! A group of A Level interns could have done this job –free of charge, instead of them lazy police officers and incompetent leaders around this e passport rollout!!!

  2. My advice to us St. Lucians is to buy a hard covered cpoybook. This is to take note of everything this government would have done both good and bad for the past 5 years, then choose the lesser evil. Why? Because apparently some have short term memory so it is very easy to play on their emotions. After their 5 years, go through your noiebook then make an informed decision. i will guarantee you that all in current or past governments will stop pappyshowing us. Let us please start now, so after 5 years when they show up on our doorstep, we pull out our notebook first before we start any conversation.

  3. This is the same office space where Philip J Pierre was when he was opposition leader. You mean to tell me SLP cannot find a more convenient place to house the verification department. From bridge street to all the way upper high street. They keeping their friends incmind to give thousands of dollars in rent than to feel more concern about the people. An area known for robberies. An ATM machine of Republic bank disappeared from that area and countless burglaries including There to There shipping. What about Blue coral mall. Why can’t the government find a spot with all the empty apt that is there. Why go so far?

  4. This is poorly written. What is verification section. What part of the process is that – is it the first, second or third part of the passport application process. Please simplify and clarify. Should all passport applicants go to that new area or just persons applying for the first time. We want to know. Don’t assume that we are familiar with all your internal processes and jargons.

    • Poorly written??? 1) Submit applications to the ward building. 2) Then you are given an appointment 3) Appointments are kept at the the Bridge Street office.

      The document even stated “no applications will be accepted” at the Bridge Street location.

      I wonder if it’s just me or that the document was just too easy to understand.

    • Well one thing I know is with the e-passport some fellas in the immigration department cannot make the kind of money dey were making before with issuing false passport. They vex so every will be too small for them or not suitable. Ya’ll pockets touch, boy. Ya’ll sick because the corruption get harder. TIME TO END CORRUPTION IN THE IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT.


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