Veteran Broadcast Journalist Valerie Albert-Fevriere Has Died

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Veteran Broadcast Journalist, Valerie Albert-Fevriere, passed away overseas on Tuesday, plunging the media fraternity in Saint Lucia into mourning.

Albert-Fevriere was one of the founders of Helen Television System (HTS) where she served as Director and Programme Manager.

She, her husband Linford Fevriere and the Anius brothers, Stephenson (Steve) and Wendell founded the station in the 1980’s.

About a decade later, Radio 100 Helen FM was born.

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Veteran journalist, Earl Bousquet, told St Lucia Times that news of Albert-Fevriere’s death hit him hard, as he, she and Linford, who would later become her husband, attended primary school together.

Bousquet recalled that he and Linford went on to attend St Mary’s College while Valerie went to St Joseph’s Convent.

And as things would turn out, they all entered the media afterwards.

Bousquet observed that HTS and DBS pioneered local television broadcasting, but noted that Albert-Fevriere’s personal contribution was much out of the limelight compared to when she worked at Radio Saint Lucia as a popular presenter.

“She was able to take her understanding of broadcast journalism to HTS alongside the technical abilities of Linford who at RSL was in the technical department. They married their media talent to produce HTS which provided the platform for so many of our other colleagues,” he observed.

Former HTS News Editor, Vernet St. Omer-Fontenelle, described Albert-Fevriere’s death as a big loss, recalling that she was a big-hearted  philanthropist who did a lot for many causes.

“I am shocked and I was not prepared for the news of her death. I had been talking to her on the telephone all the time but I did not expect her demise in such a short space of time,” St. Omer-Fontenelle said.

She said she has only fond memories of the deceased whom she described as her mentor and friend and a mentor to many others who are either currently working in the media, have gone on to become media owners or have moved on to other endeavours.

“She was an extremely strong woman,” St. Omer-Fontenelle recalled.

“Valerie nurtured me, she encouraged me, she pushed me, she would not let me give up. We worked hard – we worked long hours. It was always a learning experience for me,” she recalled.

She said even after she left HTS, Valerie Albert-Fevriere kept supporting and encouraging her.

” I would not make a decision in my career without calling Valerie and saying ‘Okay, Miss Albert, what do you think?'”

“She would always call and say ‘What’s happening. I haven’t heard from you in a while. Let’s link up.”

St. Omer-Fontenelle also said that Albert-Fevriere had great creative vision.

In this regard, she recalled the many pioneering shows and events that HTS successfully hosted as a result of that vision.

“I will really miss her and I wish her husband and son the strength to carry on,” she said.

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