Thursday, August 18, 2022

Veteran Cop Backs Tougher Gun Laws After Niece Dies In Castries Drive-By Shooting

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Veteran police officer Wayne Rameau has backed calls for stricter laws against illegal guns after his niece Fayeshatelle Rameau, a resident of Pavee, Castries, died following a drive-by shooting in the Saint Lucia capital on Sunday.

Police investigating the shooting said the body of 26-year-old Fayeshatelle was in a bullet-riddled car on Marchand Boulevard.

Her brother, Augustus Rameau, was shot dead in September last year.

Augustus was at Choc Cemetery attending the funeral of a homicide victim when a lone gunman shot him, after which he collapsed and died at the scene.

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Regarding the loss of his niece and nephew to gun violence, Officer Rameau asserted that he does not believe the justice system is doing enough to get gun-toting criminals off the streets.

“I believe the penalty for illegal guns should be 15 years to life in prison,” Officer Rameau told St Lucia Times.

“My honest opinion is that any person with an illegal firearm has no good intentions and we can see that is prevalent in our society, in our little country. Right now people are afraid to roam the street. You never know where the next stray bullet will come from because you don’t only have to be mindful of gangs shooting each other, you have to be mindful of the stray bullet as well,” he observed.

The veteran cop said according to the information he received, his deceased niece and others on board a vehicle were ambushed at Chef Harry Drive, Morne Fortune, Castries.

“I think they were coming from some fete at Ciceron. She got multiple shots to the back. When I went to Marchand Boulevard, I saw her in the back seat, face down.”

Officer Rameau described his deceased niece, Fayeshatelle, as a free-spirited individual.

And he disclosed that the deceased had a pending matter before the court concerning an incident in Castries involving another female.

Fayeshatelle had a daughter aged about seven years.

“We have too many illegal firearms,” Officer Rameau told St Lucia Times.


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  1. So sad,it is only when it affects our own we begin to cry out.Uncle,remember Faye’s deceased brother who was the leader of the Monsterz Out gang living right next to you who was killing so many young men in Pavee.Did you at that time speak out.Were you cautioning your niece when a video surfaced showing her brandishing a gun dancing along and laughing out loud.Uncle tell me, August 11th,2021,mid morning your nephew along with his brother killed their last homicide victim.Days after he attended the funeral service ,of the same victim and there lo and behold he too got his death at the cemetry.Justice came really fast..What were your words to the Police force bcak then? Did you go to the force and give information.Yo each his own.I ctied it is now your family’s time to cry.

  2. @#the fox and @just a thought. You are SOOOO right! And be very careful Carnival goers too – don’t make this another excuse for aggressive/violent, lewd, promiscuous and generally bad behaviour – there are consequences… BTW I am not religious just a self respecting & respectful individual who no longer wants to live in St Lucia (the New Haiti).

  3. Shate dah mon talking about anyone with an illegal gun has no good intentions….I know lots of ppl dat have it just to defend demselves because the police is never there to save you from hoodlums and gangsters dat coming to eat your food and take your 3 points…is like he never saw the video with his cousin brandishing dat AR15,the most destructive weapon of choice by US mass school shooters…so all the time dah man eh talking for countless other death but as that likkle warf rat get kill and it hit home hard he barking,Montana self pattay ayieh ki bor….i self well want mine for those likkle hurry come up punks dat like come disrespect big man.

  4. To me if the driver got caught up in that drive by , wouldnt it be the hospital to drive too since he wasnt injured. So how come he made it all in town. We have so many religions here, why are they keeping quiet. So it dont bother them . So everyone see for them selves. As I say to evry action there is a reaction. Something we call Karma. Epi dats it

    • I realize you spoke about there are all the religions out there. God have been speaking through his Word Ă  long time ago up till now but only some choose to listen. I always tell my children about knowing and building a strong relation ship with the most High God. I make it my priority to bring my children to church on Saturdays. We choose to serve God and i know they will grow up to be good Citizens.

  5. And her uncle who is a cop speaks out. Mr. Officer why are so many of your family members being gunned down? Some of them actually feel empowered when they have officers in their family. But remember uncle or brother cannot be with you everywhere you go

  6. Is life in present day St. Lucia different from life in neighboring Islands? lets just look at Barbados and Antigua, St. Kitts, Dominica, St. Vincent and Grenada, do any one have the same gun problems that we have in St. Lucia?
    Here are some of the problems I think may sink this small Rock called an Island Nation.
    1) perverted sexual practices. 2) adultery and prostitution. 3) alcohol addiction & drug use. 4) occult activity, voodoo, obeah & witchcraft. 5) violence & abuse, family disunity. 6) materialism & greed. 7) religious cults, spiritual pride & satan worship.
    This is only a random few, mixed with the easy access of guns, will finish you up nationally, economically, financially and in every respect. Only God alone can save you from destruction

  7. These generations of women continue to let men fool them. They want to be labelled just like the no good men. They use the same dirty languages as the low life men. They are not smart at all. Both men & women in this ghetto type of gang life use each other. They bring nothing positive to society. Just a bunch of wasted oxygen coming into this world to terrorize people.

  8. Sorry but all these victims are connected to other criminals or are criminals themselves. A network. If you involve yourself with bad company and those who break laws, you are part of the problem. I guess she was part of the problem. One less to worry about.

  9. Not only was the niece brandishing a high-powered weapon, but before her demise, she and another female badly beat up a female. This was articulated in a Facebook live.
    It appears that his niece was no sweet bread

  10. who feels it knows it and when it hit home yall want to do something about it. but i have a few questions, wasnt it this same girl that was in a video with another showing off two high powered weapons dancing to music? as a ex police were these guns yours mr Wayne Rameau that she happened to stumble upon? also my other question is if your deceased niece with others and the car she was in was ambushed all in chef harry drive at the morne that would mean thats where the car got shot at so you mean after the car got sprayed like that the driver still had time to drive alllllllll the way to machand boulevard and none of the others in the car got shot or died? something fishy there

  11. Something is fundamentally wrong with the investigatvie capacity of the Police Force. Too many homicides are unsolved. More emphasis need to be placed on intelligence .

  12. I have not seen the proposed new illegal gun act (draft copy). Where can a citizen find it?
    I have been told that there are fines if one is caught with an illegal weapon. It had better be restitution. I can’t in my wildest dreams believe that there’s is an option to get out of jail. It has to be a zero tolerance or else the boss will just pay to get his minions out. Want to guess how they are going to replace their lost money?

  13. Officer, was your niece brandishing an imitation high powered weapon in a video being circulated? Don’t you think that she may have hung out with the wrong crowd? We shouldn’t wait for situations like these to admonish our loved ones about the company they keep and the lifestyle they choose. One may say it’s their choice, then we shouldn’t be surprised by the end result. May she Rest In Peace. All that will end soon for its RSS to the rescue!!! Or is it. I am thinking – just a band aid on the symptoms. What happens after their departure? We will bring in the US special forces, followed by the US army then NATO to hold ground and keep the peace for the next hundred years. Aaaand we will live peacefully for ever, there after.

  14. I dont underdtand…but there is a video of this young lady and her friend circulating with them showing off and holding 2 automatic guns were these guns legal? Where did the get them from?…toys?…..only when it hits home we want something done…may she rest in peace..and may we in St. Lucia advocate for sriffer penalties for illegal guns becauss as we all can see its way out if hand now…..sigh

  15. As soon as crime hits home for officers and politicians, we should do more. ONLY NOW? There were alot of illegal guns in the streets b4 this murder and nothing wasn’t being said about it.

  16. May his niece rest in peace, however, if his niece hadn’t gotten killed would he be in the news today making these types of pronouncements? If Musa’s wife wasn’t stalked sometime ago, would he be over the airwaves a couple years ago? We need to care when it’s the family of Joe blow too. That’s my humble opinion.

    • But to me I haven’t heard you on news talking about gun violence. Are you like everyone else waiting for calamity to hit home.

      • Because that Decease who was Fatally Shot is Closely Related to you thats Why you Supporting the upgraded Unlicensed Firearms Act .There’s a Video with the Decease and another Worthless Female Showing off with what appeared to be Firearms .What are your Comments on that Mr Optimistic or Officer. There have so many Homicides this Year why never Comment


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