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Updated on May 31, 2020 9:23 pm
Updated on May 31, 2020 9:23 pm
Updated on May 31, 2020 9:23 pm

Veteran Educator Urges Criminal Prosecution In Case Of Underage Student In Sex Video

Veteran Educator, Virginia Albert-Poyotte, has reacted in disgust to reports of the circulation of a video on social media, featuring a secondary school female in uniform engaging in sex acts.

The existence of the video has been confirmed by both law enforcement and education sources.

They told St Lucia Times that the child attends a secondary school in Castries and is thirteen years old.

Virginia Albert-Poyotte, a former President of the Saint Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU), expressed the view that the persons with whom the teenager was engaging in sexual activity, those who recorded the video and those who are circulating it, should all face criminal prosecution.

The veteran educator expressed concern about the effect the  activity and the circulation of the  video recording would have on the thirteen year old.

“Whoever is involved in this type of activity needs to be pursued and justice needs to be administered in order to curtail that kind off behaviour,” the former school principal told St Lucia Times.

Albert-Poyotte called on the Ministry of Education, the Saint Lucia Teachers Union, the National Principals Association and the Police to come together and decide how to deal with the matter.

“This is getting out of hand,” she declared.

In addition to the sex video involving the underage female student, there are also reports that nude photos of another young girl from a different secondary school in Castries have been posted on  social media.

Under the Saint Lucia Criminal Code, someone under the age of sixteen cannot legally consent to sex.

The code makes it a criminal offence for anyone to have sexual intercourse with or attempt to have sex with a child under 16, commonly known as statutory rape.

In Saint Lucia, rape carries  a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.



  1. I cannot agree more with Mrs. Poyotte. These miscreants need to face the harshest penalties possible. Too often these incidents go unchecked. I don’t think that any school child will voluntarily subject themselves to this. Some are threatened and it scars them for life. Young men need to realize that they wouldn’t want this for any of their female family members.

    • @Matlo
      I agree wholeheartedly with everything said by both Mrs. Poyotte and you. No stone must be left unturned in hunting down the perpetrators, finding them, and dragging them, in handcuffs, before the court. I hope they get the full penalty. St. Lucia has become a morally repugnant society, a society where decency is frowned upon, immortality is pervasive, and laws are breached with impunity by many. The government has to lead by example as it sets the tone for the rest of the country. No impropriety, no grossly immoral act must be tolerated from any Minister of Cabinet. Ubaldus comes readily to mind. Does Ubaldus have the moral authority to speak out against this dastardly act? The government must be morally upright so when they speak , they speak with moral conviction. No one should be able to point fingers at any Minister of government for sexual misdeeds.

      • I agree with your comments up to the point of Ubaldus. In that case, Ubaldus an adult male, was engaged with cuntsenting adult females. No law was broken. So keep your morality out of the discussion. It is for your bedroom. No crime there.

  2. It’s high time these laws be stipulated here in st. Lucia. They are all written down in the book but no actions are being taken against those criminals. Most of the times these videos of underage children/ teenagers circulates the media it’s being done by an adult of 18 and above. And anyone of legal age with images, videos or intimately involved with someone under the legal age is committing a crime under the laws of ST LUCIA. It’s time these crimes be taken and dealt with seriously and let our children feel safe and secure in their communities/ environment. Many will say they are asking for it but the truth is we are the adults and we need to let our babies grow and develop. Stop taking advantage and those who have the authority to make a difference let’s do it the right way. We are going to be parents some day and if we don’t take the right actions to deal with this problem right now our own kids may end up victims as. Well

  3. Where was Verginia when Ubaldus was headline news? If action was taken against that pervert,things would not have gotten to this stage. The horses have bolted , closing the barn will just keep them out. We had the chance to prevent that situation but we did nothing, now its too late.

    • These young students know what they are doing. Where are their parents? Why arexrgey allowed to roam the streets all hours? Why are parents so ready to fight with teachers?

  4. These young students know what they are doing. Where are their parents? Why arexrgey allowed to roam the streets all hours? Why are parents so ready to fight with teachers?

  5. This is all talk…..we know that nothing will come out of this cases, it never has and I can’t see it happening in the near future. This country is nothing but polished debates and carbon copy laws. Our youths are lost because this country has nothing to offer to them but the illusion that you get an education and life will be fine which is all lies because I did and it’s been two years and I still can’t find a job. I’m frustrated!!!! I can honestly say i hate this place, life sucks here!!! And I’m saying this with a heavy heart!!!

    • wow…i read your comment and was really touched. i believe that you are not the only one facing this way of life. i have noticed this trend since when i was a young man on the island. to come up in this place you have to be dam freaking good. i say to you please hold your head up. you will have to start somewhere, but do not do anything crazy. have you ever thought about doing your own business. maybe this is the you that you are looking for. hope you catch my drift.

  6. I’m certain that no minister of government will dare to speak out on this issue. Why, you may ask. They have a sexual predator among them. They have sent an unequivocal message to the citizenry. By cuddling with Dr. Raymond instead of booting him from Cabinet, the message to the entire population is, sexual vileness is no big deal, insignificant. The leader should have sent a strong message then, no deviant behavior from any Minister of government will be condoned. Instead, by keeping Ubaldus in Cabinet, he tacitly gave all citizens carte blanche approval to have your way with our young and impressionable girls. At least, that the message I have garnered from this sad state of affair. I hope payday will come soon for these hoodlums who committed this atrocious act.

  7. Dem young girls just to hot in most cases I’m positive they doing it on their own free will…thats why they always end up on videos they can’t keep their panties on…

  8. Am so sick of when our kids go around doing them things you’ll fine the people in power to blame. You’ll kids out in uniform after Seven in the night having sex making videos you’ll to dam blame when it comes out you’ll shouting. Stop dropping the kids like chicken in a yard

  9. I think the problem is that St.Lucia as a third world country dont have the necessary equipment to solve these kind of cases. How many murder cases have been unsolved, robberies, sexual misconduct. We hear it on the news and then just like that its gone in the wind. I know it will be costly to get proper technology and equipment to solve most of these cases but it will give some parents and families a piece of mind that their love one cases are solved.

    As for the circulation of these pictures and videos, yes i totally agree that the individual or individuals involved should be held accountable and in turn would send a message out to the rest of the island that these kinds of crimes are unacceptable period whether is be male or female.

    Also we need to have parents be held accountable also. We need to teach our boys and girls that these kinds of things come with serious consequences. The social media world is dangerous and its not our friend. It can be fun and it can also destroy your lives.

    So this is not only for the police or teachers or government but its society on a hold. Everyone has to get involved and fight for justice and fight to better the nation in its entirety.

  10. I really think that the law should go after the mother and father of those kids for not taking control of this. When u have kids out in uniform after hours. Those things are gonna happen we are leaving in the real world it happens every where. We can blame those in power but it must start at home. Start jailing parents

  11. Firstly these type of vidoes exist everywhere and are not unique to Saint Lucia. This is not the dirst time vidoes of this nature have been in circulation. Young people need to respect themselves, sex is always there, the opportunities for education are not. Stop participating in these actitivies and report the people who try to get you to do so. They are using you and you deserve better. Adults stop circulating those videos, delete them because you can be charged for this. Tell your friends dont send these videos to you. Be our brothers keeper. There will always be perverts but do not enable them by watching and circulating these videos. Parents counsel your children in love not anger because we have all made mistakes some more than others. Let us be a community of togetherness and protect one another or else we will all be lost.

  12. More time the authorities know the men that are having sex with minors and do nothing about it. They need to start jaling these men and set an example to others that this type of behaviour is not accepted

  13. Some of these comments clearly display the lack of immaturity among some of us. Of course these girls know what they are doing….yes the girls could be ‘ hot’ but that’s a natural process. We know the emotional and hormonal struggle of teenagers. However there is LAW which separates right from from. Having sex with a minor is unacceptable and the guilty should be prosecuted. The young girl requires counsel and guidance and perhaps further probing of her living situation

  14. The law is the law but we have to educate our kids about the reality about their actions. You act like a male or female hoe there are negative results. This is why they grow up destroying their relationships with side pieces and many unstable parent remodels. No respect for the act of sex. This kids need dicipline. You act grown you will feel the impact og grown behaviour

  15. Some of the teacher are engaging in sex with the students pretending to help them and sleeping with them i know of a teacher in a school in the north who’s doing it and has been told to by teachers to the principle and is still employed there.

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