Veteran Journalist Speaks On Profusion of Radio Stations In Saint Lucia

Veteran Saint Lucian journalist and broadcaster, Jerry George, has welcomed as a ‘good thing’ the profusion of radio stations in this country, but he has cautioned that stations must be commercially sustainable.

George, told Real FM Wednesday that one radio station can never provide everything for a population like Saint Lucia’s.

“People are always being asked to make a choice,” he told interviewer, Timothy Poleon.

“The choice is whatever moves you,” George, a former President of the then Saint Lucia Media Workers Association (SLMWA) declared.

The former General Manager of the now defunct state-owned  Radio Saint Lucia (RSL) and media trainer,  observed that some people like news, others Рfeatures, documentaries or a certain type of music.

“The landscape is there, but I think the difficulty is the foundation on which it is built, which is commercial and the commercial sector is just so small to support all these 21 stations,” the veteran broadcaster observed.

“What you have in the capitalistic arrangement is that the best survive or the best move to the top – the others keep struggling and I see that all the time. People calling asking ‘What can we do? What do you think we can do to make it better and attract advertisers?”

“I think that that is the challenge for any new radio station coming on. It’s not just about putting a station on the air, but it is about the sustainability of that station once you have gotten on the air,” he stated.



  1. The coment is true,but then the radios here just read the news they pick up from the agencies to wich they subscribe,and that is it.Nobody goes out and investigates the news,and mutch less follow trough days after,so we the people can never reach a conclusion of anything.Most of us dont read news pappers .We could say that we dont really have strong profesional radio comentators and investigators,they just read what they get served on the desk.

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