Veteran Saint Lucia Prison Officer Held With Drugs

A veteran Saint Lucia prison officer was arrested Monday for possession of drugs, law enforcement authorities have confirmed.

According to officials, the officer was held with contraband including marijuana, hashish, telephone sim cards, razors and lighters.

The items are said to have been concealed in a box of juice.

It was reported that the arrest was made at the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF).

Law enforcement officials have disclosed that the suspect had over a decade of service as a Correctional Officer.


  1. He’s not only a veteran prison officer, he is also a corrupt officer. Get rid of him, clean up the police force.

  2. Aa, just happened on Monday and they reporting it already? And all this time still no report on the Rehanni incident?

  3. This guy has done this twice now,and the first time he got slap on the wrist hoped they bust his culo now.And make his name public please for the comfort of all.lets stop hiding the smelly roten aples.

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