VH: Patient, Staff Safety Not Compromised In Ceiling Collapse

The Acting Executive Director of Victoria Hospital, Brenda Calixte, has said that patient and staff safety was not compromised when a ceiling at the medical facility collapsed on Saturday.

In a statement to the media, Calixte explained that during Saturday’s inclement weather the ceiling of the staff base station on the Maternity Ward came down.

Brenda Calixte

“We know that the infrastructure is a very old one and it is already compromised. So as a result of that the ceiling came down,” the Victoria Hospital official explained.

Calixte said during that time, there was no one in the area.

However she disclosed that the room adjacent to the nursing station had to be evacuated.

“One patient alone was there and that patient was safe,” she said.

“We have since relocated the nursing staff station to the back of the ward and currently we are assessing the damages and we will be provided with an estimate, so that we can get the works done on it with immediate effect,” the Victoria Hospital Acting Executive Director revealed.


  1. This is a National Embarrassment. Does someone have to be seriously injured or killed for healthcare services and infrastructure be given the attention and resources it needs? Incompetence, negligence and unconcern by the government is adversely affecting the quality of life of 99% of St. Lucians.

  2. Adel,, from your comment I’ve come to realize that common sense is not so common. Speak for yourself not for us. It’s truly shameful for a hospital to be in such a state of disrepair that part of the roof collapsed. This is indicative as to how the country is bring currently governed. The CHANGE needs CHANGING.

  3. It’s a sad shame that we as a small island state do not have decent hospital but we have so many luxury hotels all over our beaches …Where did we go wrong as a people

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