Vice Squad urged to deal with ‘pimp’ Mothers

Cuthbert Phillips, former Police Commissioner, has urged the creation of a Police Vice Squad to deal with mothers who ‘pimp’ their children.

Phillips recalled that he served on the then National Consultative Council which discussed the issue of mothers pimping their daughters.

He said the then Chairman of the Council had disclosed during a meeting that there was evidence that mothers were doing so.

According to the former Police Commissioner, the exact locations were given where the practice was taking place.

Phillips said of the then Chairman of the Council:

“He asked us a question – what could he have done?”

Phillips said it was good to assert that pimping is being practiced, but asked what is being done about it.

“You will have to have Vice Squad policemen who would have to watch and monitor when you get such information,” he declared.

However Phillips said if the situation is known and nothing is done it will continue.

He made the comments during the Radio Caribbean International (RCI) call in programme – Newsspin, with host – Timothy Poleon.

The comments followed the assertion yesterday by National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, that some mothers are “trafficking” their girl children.

“There are certain areas in Saint Lucia if you had a Vice Squad that would pay attention to certain locations, you would see young children entering vehicles – I don’t want to mention the brand of vehicle, but very expensive vehicles, and you are seeing these children entering – you will see them being returned,” Phillips stated.

He expressed the view that for it to stop, there would be need for a Vice Squad.

The former top Cop described the situation with young people being ‘pimped’ as a cancer.

He said it was time that the authorities seek ways to deal with the situation because it will get worse.