Victim Of Alleged Kidnapping Says She’s Safe

A young Saint Lucian woman who is alleged to have been kidnapped by her boyfriend has posted a video on social media asserting that she is safe.

This after members of her family posted a message on social media ‘desperately seeking assistance in locating her’.

The message claimed that Oneka Fontenelle was kidnapped by her ex boyfriend and was last seen being forcibly dragged away by him.

“Information reaching the family is that he is trying to convince her for the two of them to commit suicide together,” it asserted.

Saint Lucia police confirmed to St Lucia Times that a report that the young woman had been kidnapped was made to them on Friday.

But in a new twist to the story, the alleged kidnap victim declared that she went of her own free will.

“Okay, for everybody thinking out of the way I am okay – I am safe. I came with the boy on my own free will. He did not drag me out of the house, so I don’t know why my mother is saying that the boy drag me out of the house – he did not,” the young woman says in the 27 second video recording.

A family member verified that the female in the video post was indeed Oneka Fontenelle.

However, despite the woman’s assertions that she is safe and that she went of her own free will, a family member told St Lucia Times that relatives still have their suspicions.