Saturday, February 22, 2020

Victim Of Attack By Lunatic In Castries Released From Hospital

A senior citizen who was the victim of an attack by a lunatic in Castries on Wednesday morning has been released from hospital, a relative of the victim has disclosed.

The lunatic hit former Post Master General, Benignus Henry, at the back of the head with a stone in downtown Castries.

According to reports, the attacker struck shortly after Henry left the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

The unprovoked attack on the victim, who is in his seventies, occurred in the presence of several persons.

Henry was taken to Victoria Hospital via ambulance.

The attacker was identified as a well known figure in the City who usually wears female clothing.

A relative of the victim told St Lucia Times that the police had picked up the attacker, who would most likely to taken to the Mental Wellness Centre.

According to reports the victim is on the mend.

He is reported to be in stable condition.

Henry is said to have regained the ability to lift his left arm and move his legs, although he has to be supported when he walks.

“He has improved very well, compared to before,” St Lucia Times was informed.


  1. The Attacker was taken to the Wellness Center to Be Released Next week .The City of Castries has the Most Vagrants and Lunatics Nothing is Bring Done about it .That Guy who Hit the Senior Citizen with The Stone Have Broken so many Business Establishment Show Windows in the City also Damage to Numerous Motor Vehicles Windscreen .His Sleeping Quarters is Under La .Place Carronage Building .These Lunatics Should be Locked up at the wellness Center Forever never to Be Released

  2. The legal sistem cant deal with these individuals,the amount of damage this person has caused,and all the expenses have to be dealt by the victims .Do a lobotomi on this mentally derailed idiot,because he is agresive,if you cant keep him locked up.Why do we have to suffer from your incompetence.

  3. Very well said Castries Fisherman and B. This is absolutley absurd. Mr Henry can suffer severely from this blow of this stone after effects you never know. I would deal with his mental a** if and when he is released. The authorities SHOULD NOT let him out this can happen to an innocent school child. What the hell is going on!! Or even one of our tourists who sometimes visits our cathedral and then what?? Smdh!!

  4. It sounds like Schizophrenia gone wild in Castries. When I was a young person, such schizoids
    wouldn’t have to break anything or have to cause any damage; the moment you start acting stupid
    you would be locked up at ‘La Toc’ and it would be hell to get out, so indeed we understood back then.
    When parents indulge in Drugs at time of conception, and or, mothers use such substances during
    pregnancy, things are hard and a whole lot of sociobiological and cultural manage, then shit happens.
    SOLUTION:- lock them up for a long, long time, medicate them to “{thy kingdom come” before release.

  5. Poor responses to grave matters have been the mode of operation for decades. Officials are proud to spit out tourism numbers, without addressing many of the blatant physical pitfalls that are present. It all done on a lark.
    The authorities seem blissfully unaware that they are one lawsuit from catastrophe. Take for example, the absence of road signage at critical locations. Official bridges without rails or warnings. Any tourist who is unfamiliar with the road can be a casualty. They are fair game. Those foreign lawyers that are aggressive, will eat the local the local government like cashew nuts.

    Meanwhile, life goes on. It will take a major event to jolt them out of complacency.

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