Saturday, February 22, 2020

Victim Of Attack By Lunatic In Castries Speaks

The victim of an attack last week by a man described as a lunatic, is making a slow but painful recovery.

Benignus Henry was recently released from hospital.

Eyewitnesses reported that a lunatic who often dresses in female clothing hit Henry behind the head with a stone.

The victim recalled that on Wednesday of last week he was heading to Castries to do his work as a Justice of the Peace.

Henry said that according to his usual routine, he stopped at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception to offer prayers.

He told St Lucia Times that after church, he saw a man standing between two cars.

“Of course, I am going about my business – I am not interested in the guy,” Henry stated.

The former Post Master General said he saw a “blinding flash” and found himself on the ground with blood pouring from his nose.

“I hit my head. My glasses, my hearing aid, everything just flew off and there I was speaking – nothing is coming out. I am trying to get help but I cannot get up because nothing was working,” Henry explained.

He told St Lucia Times that some of his clients who were around decided to assist him.

“They started gesticulating and pointing so I think the guy realised that he might be looking for more trouble than be bargained for, so he took off,” Henry disclosed.

He said as some were about to offer him assistance, others cautioned them that although well-intentioned, they were not trained to render first aid and should allow those who were qualified to do so.

Henry explained that the police were summoned and he was conveyed to hospital via ambulance.

He said various medical tests were carried out.

“They seemed to think that I was fortunate because nothing was permanently damaged and I can be built back up,” the victim related.

He said therapy was recommended.

Henry, who was wearing a neck brace at the time of the interview,  praised his son and daughter, asserting that with their assistance he is coping.

“I can eat but they have to literally hold me, put the food in my mouth drop by drop – teaspoonful of tea. That’s how I have been for the last few days because I myself cannot even hold a pen in my hand, because nothing works for me now,” Henry lamented.

He explained that if he gets up he may be able to shift his leg which quickly weakens and he collapses.

“Most of the times they have to be catching me otherwise right back down I am going again,” he told St Lucia Times.

Henry said he understands that the attacker has been arrested by the police.



  1. Sir, I hope you make a full recovery after this gruesome attack. This incident could have been easily avoided. Some people in authority are failing to connect dots, even though potential scenarios are obvious.
    This incident was bound to happen… probabilities indicated that it would. A high number of mentally unbalanced people roaming the city (some extremely violent), confronting passersby. Is anyone showing concern for Mr. Henry’s human rights? I am not hearing anyone. Get well Mr. Henry.

  2. I say we need to bring back the Golden Hope Hospital to house the criminally insane. The location will be quite secure since it is next to the Police Training School.

  3. Will someone tell me, since I’ve been living away a very long time:’whatever happen to the old “La Toc”?
    This I remember was a place They kept the schizophrenics, male and women in separate Blocks.
    Someone dropped the Ball; why is this happening now when we are entertaining so many Visitors to
    the Island? Paranoid Schizophrenia is a very dangerous affliction in today’s society and we should not
    wait for something to happen before we jump on top of the problem: What if the poor man had died?
    Now is the time to catalogue all known schizos and identify the potential violent ones and have them
    put away before someone gets killed. Why was this guy released into society and are there more like
    him/her out there? We already have violent young crooks running around with their toys hurting people
    for a few bucks, so we don’t want to duplicate this with loose screws in the society.The sooner we start
    locking up the sick ones and get tougher with the criminals, only then Lucians can sleep better at night.

  4. “……………free once more” one can’t be free once more unless a well qualified Shrink says so. Do we have
    well qualified shrinks on the Island? I don’t know my friend, this is not something to mess with, you never know.
    Long long ago folks went to a Gardere to find out ‘who did him wrong’ today we have quacks from University and
    still don’t have an answer to today’s ills We used to sing, “cocosek ka fer nom foo, dashin fret ka fer fam foll” is it true?

  5. This guy has been visiting the police station,regularly.He has hurt a person severely,the victim will suffer for years and could posibly die,any moment due to a blood clot that could form in his brain,And the culprit ,when and how will he pay for his actions.

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