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Updated on June 5, 2020 6:29 am
Updated on June 5, 2020 6:29 am
Updated on June 5, 2020 6:29 am

Victim of Con Artist speaks out

Nadia Edward, who says she was the victim of a Con Artist,  has been speaking out about her experience.

Edward, the mother of four children, spoke to the Times after reports that the police have arrested a woman from Dennery who had several Saint Lucian passports in her possession.

The Dennery woman who is the alleged Con Artist, is currently in police custody.

Nadia Edward told the Times not only of her personal experience with the detainee, but asserted that she knows of people  for whom the woman promised to obtain jobs in Martinique.

Edward said the woman, on the basis of the promises made, was able to obtain their passports.

Edward told the Times that the woman who is now in police custody used to frequent a food shop near the Castries Town Hall and buy food there.

She disclosed that on Monday morning the woman approached her with a story.

“She told me that a coc0nut fell on her daughter’s head on the Saturday and on the Sunday she noticed a red spot on the child’s head, so she took her to Tapion Hospital,” Edward told the Times.

Edward recounted that the woman claimed  the hospital charged twenty three thousand dollars to do a medical procedure on the child and that she had withdrawn all the money she had in the bank.

“She said Tapion had to do the surgery at one O’ clock that afternoon so lend her four hundred dollars,” she told the Times.

Edward  explained that as a mother of four children herself, she felt heartbroken to hear of the woman’s plight and so gave her a loan in the sum that she requested, with a promise that the money would be repaid the next day.

Edward said when she called the woman the next day, she was told that the child’s father in Martinique would send the money.

“She told me if you want you can hold my ID card, so I took the ID card but when I examined it the next day I saw that it had expired,” Edward reported.

Edward said  she continued calling the woman who said she was on her way with the money, but three days later the woman she loaned the money did not appear.

“I started getting bad so I went to the Dennery police station and made a report,” she noted.

Edward said eventually she was told that the woman was standing by a shop in Castries talking to another female.

It turned out that the woman was giving the female another story – a coconut had fallen not on her child’s head, but her grandmother’s head and the grandmother was at Tapion Hospital.

“The lady loaned her three hundred dollars, then she came back saying Tapion Hospital had to give the grandmother a tube to put in her mouth and the tube cost another $365.00,” Edward said.

She told the Times that the police detainee was given the additional sum of money.

“I told the lady that the woman is a Con Artist – that is what she was doing, going around and taking people’s money,” Edward said.

She said:

“The lady taking passports from people, saying that she can get jobs for them in Martinique. She took a passport from a friend of mine.”

Edward said she felt good that the woman has been arrested by the police.

“She gave me half of my money – up to now she has not given me the rest,” Edward told the Times.

A law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity described the woman who is now in custody as a “well known scamp” who has been arrested before.

The woman is facing a slew of charges, the Times was reliably informed.

“People are so gullible,” one official said, adding that as a result of the activities of the Con Artists, genuine cases of need may suffer.



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