Friday, February 21, 2020

Victims’ Families Call For End To Road Carnage

The families of two young women who died in a horrific vehicle accident in April last year, have made an appeal to motorists to stop the carnage on the roads.

Teenagers Zhane Williams 18, and Zina Anthony, 19, were close friends.

Zhane Williams was the daughter of Donovan and Jackie Williams while  Zina Anthony was the daughter of Trevor Anthony, also known as ‘Jah T’ and Hazel Joseph.

“I would like to say to motorists to be extremely careful on the roads because accidents not only kill people, but they disrupt families, bring heartache – I can’t even describe the feelings and the feelings don’t go away.The feelings last a long, long, long time,” Hazel Joseph, told St Lucia Times.

Hazel Joseph

She urged motorists to be very vigilant on the roads, especially with the approach of the Christmas season.

Joseph said the families of the deceased relive the tragic accident that killed the two teenage friends.

She disclosed that she is aware of other families in the same situation.

The Zhane and  Zina Foundation was launched in memory of the two teenage accident victims to promote the inner healing and self development of young people.

“They were very vibrant young ladies so we decided that we wanted to keep their vibrancy alive since they were very involved with  development of their peers,” Joseph explained.

“Road safety is very close to our hearts as well because they died in a road accident and since then we have been noticing a lot more road accidents and more young people dying,” Joseph told St Lucia Times.

She said the foundation wants to bring awareness of road safety as the United Nations designated November 18 as a remembrance day for road victims and their families.

“We decided to hop on board,” Joseph said.

“We did not really plan anything as we found out about this quite late in the game so we just wanted to bring awareness, so maybe next year we can do something bigger and better – but we just wanted to bring awareness of the day,” she noted.



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